By:Melissa and Zyria

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A mixed economy is somewhere between command and market economy, its where businesses get to make choices but, there is some government regulation. MEANING that the government doesn't own all businesses but still owns some.

How Does It Work?

A mixed economy means that part of the economy is left to the free market, and part of it is run by the government. People are paid by the businesses. The government has a minimun wage rule for how less u can pay a worker. But you do have to pay taxes. For people the government and market forces determine what can be bought and produced.


Mixed economys allow many more freedoms than command economys such as the freedom to possess the means of production; to participate in managerial decisions to buy, sell, fire, and hire as needed and for employees to organize and protest peacefully. You should want this because if you have your own business YOU would want to have full control of it since its yours, not the government.

What Others Think

Some people think that a mixed economy isn't the best because government regulations may cost a company so much that it puts it out of business. I disprove this because the mixed economy is the main economy that gives you the most freedom with your businesses. Also studies have shown that government regulations has made America a safer and healthier place. The government wants to ensure the safety and efficacy of products function to maintain consumer confidence in those regulated industries. If your business goes out because the cost of regulations then you shouldn't be a business.
Mixed Economy


Everyone should want to live in a mixed economy because it is the best out there!!!!!! You have control over your businesses but you still have to pay taxes which isn't that bad. the other economys have the government all in their business and who wants that??? MIXED ECONOMY IS THE BEST. REMEMBER DONT CRY MIXED ECONOMY IS THE GUY