day of the dead

by kadence

Day of the Dead

Day of the dead is a holiday to celebrate the people who died. this holiday is celebrated on October 31, November 1st, and 2nd. on October 31 it celebrates all hollows eve,on November 1st they celebrate all saints day, on November 2nd they celebrate all souls day.

Altar meaning

An altar is a table filled with things that the dead person owned like their favorite things and pictures of the dead person. Altars have offerings, marigolds, and sugar skulls.

My Grandpa

My Grandfather died last January

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my grandfather loved to drink black coffee on the road and while just relaxing


my grandpa loved horses and even had some


my grandfather loved his dog nugget and nugget is a big baby so she loved to cutle

ham and potatoes

my grandpa loved to eat meat, potatoes, and some vegetables


my grandfather loved to watch cowboy movies and liked cowboy stuff


my grandfather loved to sit in his chair because it was super confee


my grandpa loved to play the gitar


my grandpa loved to play the drums

car haular

my grandfather drove a car hauler for a living and that is when he had his coffee