Week 8, unit 4

March 8th, 2015

Check your class calendar

This week students will be working on week 8, unit 4.
However due to the bad weather in most places we have made some changed in the closing dates to help students get caught up.

03/13 week 5 closes

03/20 We will begin the second grading period. unit 5

On this same date week 6, 7 and 8 are due

Keep these dates on mind and remember that we have given you a long extension period so that you can get caught up.

MUY IMPORTANTE- 03/20 is the last day to submit work for the First Grading Period.


I have told student to contact me at least once a week just to let me know how things are.
Where exactly in the class they are working. This will help them stay on track.
Please encourage your son/daughter to either call me, text me or email me.

Sra. Pardo

Please feel free to contact me. If you need a progress report or you have any questions about this class I am here to guide the students in this learning process.