LeaseStar Newsletter

November 2015

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A Partnership in Review

As our partnership continues to grow, we at RealPage want to ensure your account is maintaining the highest level of service and attention. With that being said, we would like to introduce you to Eric Santangelo, who has joined the LeaseStar team supporting Greystar. Over the past several weeks, Eric has become very familiar with Greystar. As he continues to partner closely with Jodi on your account, you will start to see Eric copied on emails, joining our calls, and leading some of our communication. Also, please feel free to start including Eric on email communication. We fully trust that Eric will add incredible value to our partnership with Greystar. Of course, we have a robust team here at RealPage supporting Greystar, and none of that is changing, we are simply adding a resource.

Eric Santangelo, Account Manager, LeaseStar

Eric currently serves as a RealPage Account Manager, specializing in LeaseStar marketing solutions. Eric has a true passion for formulating longstanding business relationships. With over 10 years of Customer Service experience in multiple industries, he has demonstrated expertise in managing sales and providing customized solutions. This is coupled with a dynamic track record of deepening business relationships, and providing a positive customer experience.

In his spare time, Eric enjoys reading, volunteering his time for local charities (based in Dallas TX) and has an extreme passion for traveling. The last vacation Eric took was through Southeastern Asia, exploring Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Exciting News!

LeaseStar Syndication and PropertyLinkOnline

  • As of October 31, 2015, unit‐level pricing and availability was made available to the Zillow Rental Network. This enhancement brings a new level of value to your listings!

Marketing Center

  • On November 5, 2015, we enhanced the 'Manage Syndication' page to make it easier to enable/disable available channels (ILSs). This includes the ability for users to modify the lead delivery email and phone for each active channel.

Implementation, Training & Sales


  • We are excited to have such a positive response to the Lead2Lease Advanced training! The training is now available in Greystar's LMS, and is almost full for December 15th!
  • We will be sending training material after each monthly session to those in attendance, outlining each section reviewed.
  • We will review an end of year roll up with Lenore to strategize on how to further refine the training program for specific to Lead2Lease in 2016!

Google Doc

  • We are pending access to the Greystar Google Doc to allow us to input the various data points. We are working with Andrew and Meghan to discuss how to incorporate SEO as well. We are scheduled to meet this month to revisit this topic and outline next steps as it pertains to all LeaseStar products. We are excited to partner with Greystar on this initiative!

Marketing Center

  • Divisional Users for Marketing Center ere created and distributed. Reminder, individual user access for marketing team members has been deactivated.
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Greystar/ Realpage Marketing Smartsheet

Click Here to View the Greystar/ Realpage Marketing Smartsheet!

Smartsheet has a plethora of knowledge that is all live and updated weekly, from high level Project Updates, to Weekly Reporting on Implementations, Training and Support. It is a true goldmine!

Weekly Update Reports Include:

Active Building Implementation Report

Classified Posting Frequency

Classified Implementation Update

Lead2Lease Implementation Update

LevelOne Implementation Update- New!

PropertyLinkOnline Implementation Update

Syndication Implementation Update

Website & Links Only Implementation Update

LeaseStar Support Overview

LeaseStar Open Cases Report

Add Smartsheet to your Bookmarks!

* Username is your email address, and you define your password upon initial log in to Smartshet. If you would like access to Smartsheet or are having trouble Logging in, feel free to reach out to Jodi Gonce or Eric Santangelo.

We are always eager to hear your feedback. Is there something that you would find valuable for us to add to SmartSheet? Please email Jodi Gonce or Eric Santangelo with your suggestions.

Greystar Learning Management System (LMS)

Click Here To schedule your training today!

Here are a few LeaseStar courses available in your LMS today. Click on the course name to learn more about the product.

Lead2Lease - Basic & Advanced User Training

LeaseStar Classified Posting Tool

LeaseStar Syndication


LeaseStar Support Overview

August-October 2015
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November Calendar

*Please note our call schedule and RealPage office closures for the month of November.
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