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A Peek at the Week - December 7-13, 2014

December 6-13, 2014

Specials Week 1

Lunch Week 3

Saturday, December 6

8-10 Holiday Hotcakes

art show

8:00 chorus program

9:30 dance performance

Sunday, December 7

Monday, December 8

Happy Birthday Ramsey Malone

Holiday Grams

Art Show

9:30-1:30 Student Council Leadership Training @ ISC

Holiday Lunches PK, K, 1st & 4th

3-4:00 Dance Club

3-4 STEAM Lab Class Meeting

Tuesday, December 9

Holiday Grams

Art Show

Holiday Lunches 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 4th student council

3-4:30 Faculty Meeting/CC Collaboration

Wednesday, December 10

Holiday Grams

AP Meeting

Valic Visit

7:15 Witzzle Pro

3-3:45 BTC/Party

3-4pm Environmental Club

Thursday, December 11

Happy Birthday Heather Nevius

Holiday Grams

7:15-8 Chorus

3:00-4:00 Readers Rally

Friday, December 12

Holiday Grams

Holiday Office Treats - come by the conference room

8:30-9:15 Healthy Hallways Assembly in cafeteria K-2

9:30-10:15 Healthy Hallways Assembly in cafeteria 3-5

3-4:30 Girl Scouts

Saturday, December 13

4-5pm Gwinnett Gladiators/Sing for Santa

Upcoming Dates

December 15 Kevin Raczynski @ DES

December 16 Staff Holiday Party

December 17 Holiday Hoedown Chorus Performance 1:30

December 18 Holiday Hoedown Chorus Performance 7pm

December 19 Holiday Parties

December 20-January 4 Winter Holidays

January 5 Professional Learning Day Schedule

8-9 Breakfast compliments of Ty Stephen (Melissa's husband)

Breakout Sessions

9-9:45 SchoolNet (1-5) / Rdg Strat (kdg) / HWT (pk) / STORI (sp ed)

9:50-10:35 Math (k-5)

10:40-11 perception surveys

11 EL mtg

Key Links

DDA Schedule

First Grade

LA December 15 (M) – 9:30

MA December 16 (T) – 8:30

Second Grade

LA December 16 (T) – 8:30

MA December 17 (W) – 9:30

Third Grade

LA December 11 (TH) – 8:30

SC December 15 (M) – 12:00

SS December 16 (T) – 12:00

MA December 17 (W) – 8:30

Fourth Grade

SC December 12 (F) – 9:30

MA December 16 (T) – 12:15

LA December 17 (W) – 9:30

SS December 18 (Th) – 9:30

Fifth Grade

LA December 15 (M) 9:30

MA December 16 (T) 8:30

SC December 17 (W) 10:45

SS December 18 (Th) 10:00

*Sixth Grade AC Math – Wenger – December 18 (Th) – 7 AM

holiday lunch schedule

The holiday lunch schedule is posted below. In order to accommodate our many guests, classes will eat in the cafeteria on their assigned holiday lunch day and in their classrooms on the second date with sack lunches delivered to you.

Winter Party Schedule

Winter parties are just around the corner. Follow the link for an advanced copy of the schedule.

GA Milestones New Resource

The GaDOE is pleased to announce the release of a new video, designed to provide an introduction to the Georgia Milestones Assessment System. This short, animated video provides a friendly overview of our new assessment. The video highlights the purpose of the assessment, the types of questions that students will see, and the types of feedback that students, parents, and educators will receive. The video is available on the Georgia Milestones website at:

You can also go to and then click on the Georgia Milestones Assessment System link. Please feel free to link to this resource from your local webpage. We hope this resource is helpful to you and your school, parents, and students. We will continue to post additional information and resources about the assessment as they become available.

Atlanta Families' Awards for Excellence in Education (AFAEE)

Gwinnett County Public Schools has been invited to join the Atlanta Families' Awards for Excellence in Education (AFAEE). The AFAEE is a program that understands how critical teacher and leader quality are in ensuring that every child receives an excellent education. To promote this belief, the AFAEE recognizes outstanding teachers and school leaders each year and has expanded it's reach for the 2015-2016 school year to include the following five Metro Atlanta school districts: Atlanta Public Schools, Cobb County Schools, DeKalb County Schools, Fulton County Schools, and Gwinnett County Schools. If you would like to nominate a teacher or school leader for this award, or learn more about this program, go to Nominations are open at this time and will close on Friday, January 9, 2015.

Proposed English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards

A Working Committee representing K-12 Georgia public school teachers, post-secondary staff, parents, and instructional leaders from across the state made revisions to the standards based on public feedback and recommendations from survey results for standards with less than 90% approval. ELA and Mathematics Advisory Committees then reviewed the recommended changes made by the Working Committees and provided additional suggestions for clarity and change based on feedback and survey recommendations. Business and Industry partners that include the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, Georgia Public Broadcasting, and Georgia Power have been involved in the review and evaluation process. An Academic Review Committee consisting of representatives from the writing and advisory committees; the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement; and the Georgia Department of Education leadership staff reviewed and finalized the draft revised standards for presentation to the State Board of Education for permission to post for 60 days of public review and comment.

Note: There were some recommendations made by survey respondents that committee members felt would be more appropriate for inclusion in the Teacher Guidance documents developed by the Georgia Department of Education for each grade/course and subject. Other recommendations to be emphasized in Guidance and Professional Learning include: phonics instruction, cursive writing, literature and informational text, traditional computing methods, and the memorization of addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.

The survey will be posted for 60 days of public review and comment from November 12, 2014, through January 10, 2015. The draft revised standards and public feedback will be presented to the Georgia State Board of Education on January 15, 2015, for approval.

Use the following link for access to the revised ELA and Mathematics Standards and surveys for feedback. Please forward this information to your teachers, administrators, and stakeholders.

Thank you in advance for your review and feedback.

Healthy Halls Student Assembly

On Friday, December 12th we will have "The Kohl's Healthy Halls School Wellness Program" presented by Strong4Life and Kohl's Cares here at Mulberry.

This program teaches students about nutrition and physical activity by focusing on the Strong4Life Healthy Habits.

There will be two performances in the cafeteria: 8:30 - 9:30 PK-2nd grades and 9:30 - 10:30 3rd - 5th grades.

Additionally, students will be receiving a water bottle with resources inside to take home. We will prepare class sets to distribute to your students.

We look forward to the Healthy Halls School Wellness Program that day!

2015-16 School Calendar is Released

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  • To Lorraine for catering our many events while serving 10 meals a week!
  • To Kari, Patrice, Angela and Camila for making sure that all events run smoothly.
  • To Brittany Mayweather. The wax museum was amazing!