2015 Year in Review

A look back

Five Biggest Stories


New England Patriots' quarterback, Tom Brady, was accused of having the ball boys under inflate the footballs in the AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts
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Cecil the Lion

A U.S. dentist killed Cecil the Lion, a beloved figure, in July. The dentist, Walter Palmer, didn't face any criminal charges for killing the lion in Zimbabwe.
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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

People crowded in bars and in homes to watch one of the most historically disappointing fights between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.
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The iPhone Glitch

Friends texted one another this mysterious code and shut off their iPhones. It was a craze and many people's phones were completely messed up and wouldn't open the messages app.
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U.S. Women win the World Cup

Every person watched the U.S. Women's national soccer team expecting a World Cup

win. Everyone crowded their homes to watch as Abby Wambach played her last international match.

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Biggest companies in 2015

Apple- They launched their new iPhone 6 and 6+ and millions of people worldwide went to buy the new iPhone. It was their biggest sale ever and customers have been extremely pleased with Apple for a while.

Nike- Nike has always been able to reach out to their customers. With LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and many other athletes being the faces of their company, millions of kids and teens worldwide have taken on a liking of their products.

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The Best Movies of 2015

Star Wars and Minion items were sold everywhere during 2015 leading up to both of their releases and no one could get enough of them. Star Wars has earned over $750 million just in North America since its release. Minions has earned over $1 million worldwide in its lifetime.

Best Musical Artists

Adele released one of the biggest albums ever, making everyone want to listen to her music again. Her songs are recognizable to the public. Drake was also one of the biggest artists to release their music in 2015. His album with Future and his diss tracks to Meek Mill have made him a big name to people.

The Most Influential People

Pope Francis: His visit to the United States and straightforwardness has made people become very affluent followers of him and the church.

Kanye West: He's just influential.
President Obama: The President is being the President and is making sure our country is safe.

Steph Curry: One of the biggest basketball stars in the world. Many people have begun to wear his shoes and anything else by Under Armour.Many kids now look up to him and his skills and want to become him.

Taylor Swift: She has inspirational songs and gives out good messages to younger girls that look up to her.

New Year's Resolution

Personal improvement: I want to become better at baseball and basketball by remaining in shape.

Family and Friends: I want to go out of my way and do more for my friends and family.

School and outside world: I want to get straight A's for the remainder of sophomore year and into junior year.