Child Labor

they had harsh work environments

Dangerous Jobs

Children had dangerous jobs. In most factories children had to crawl under machines to fix them or to change out spool or parts. In mines they sat all day opening and closing air vents. they also haulded mine carts in extreme heat.


While men got 10 to 15 shillings a week and women got 5, children only got 1 shilling a week to help support their family and to .help keep them from starvation


A normal Work day in a factory 12 to 14 hrs a day or more. They worked 6 days a week.

How Things Got Better

Parliament passed "Factory Acts" or child reform laws in the 1800's to reduce a child's work day to 12 hrs. and remove kids under the age of 8 or 9 from cotton mills. The laws were not generally enforced.

Child Labor

Children had harsh work environments because of all the dangerous machinery, bad air, dark places to work, etc.