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Happy 2021

Happy New Year to our Lovett Community! I hope this newsletter finds you all well, rested and already starting 2021 on a positive note. We are excited to be back with our students on Monday, January 4th. All our staff really needed the rest over the holidays, and I know they have taken the time to renew and rest both physically and mentally to prepare to give their best to our students. I am hoping you took this time also to rest and renew. My family and I had a quiet holiday, but we found new ways to connect with family online, we made a fun holiday video, and just really enjoyed the quiet time together. I also celebrated my birthday on December 30th and continue to feel extraordinarily blesses to be healthy and to have a supportive family both at home and at Lovett. Below are some brief updates to get up back in the swing of things. Wishing with all a happy and healthy 2021!

Reminders to start the year

Below are a couple of reminders of procedures that we need keep tightly in place to ensure that everything continues to run safely and smoothly. Please review below:

  • Please be ready for temperature checks in the mornings. Students should remain in the vehicle until checked.
  • We are not accepting deliveries at school. Please make sure anything you need to send with your child is sent with them at the start of the day
  • All pick up and drop off locations remain the same. All students should be picked up no later than 3:15 p.m.
  • Mask are still required for all students. Please review with them how to wear mask properly covering their nose and mouth
  • The first bell rings at 7:30 and the tardy bell rings at 7:40. Students need to be in their seats and ready for learning at the start of the day. We do not have delays in our drop off lines that would cause students to be tardy.
  • If your students are virtual, be sure to check devices on Sunday night to make sure they are ready to log in on time Monday. Students logging in late became an issue before break. This causes the lesson to slow as teachers need to admit students into class and they miss portions of the lesson when they arrive late.

Health Updates

Below are updates sent by our nurse in December. As we return, please make the right choices to keep everyone safe. Continue to reach out to our nurse when your child experiences symptoms. If you have traveled over the holidays, please pay close attention to your child's health. If you have traveled and feel you need to keep your child home to quarantine, please email your request to their classroom teacher, nurse and me. We are all still in this together and need to continue to be diligent with monitoring our health, ensuring students are not sent to school with symptoms, wearing our mask and practicing social distancing. I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Morning Announcements for all

On Tuesday, January 5th, we will start morning announcements for virtual and in person students. I am electing to start on Tuesday, so we can have a day buffer to work through some logistics. Your student will receive link from their classroom teacher and they can use this link to view morning announcements if they choose. Announcements will include the pledge and any announcements for the day. For Monday, January 4th, please encourage students to check out my video announcements linked below.

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