Main Idea and Supporting Details

Standard: 3.RI.KID.2

Learning Target/Objective

I can state the main idea of a text and recall three key details about the story or text.

Teacher's Group

Access Code: UZEQM

Group 2

Select Enter Code, then put in this code: dye3grade.

Group 3


  1. Enter Class Code: N4RQR6
  2. Password: 1234
  3. Change password to your school password.

Group 4

Tic Tac Toe Choice Board

  1. Using your Reading Wonders Story for the Week, complete 3 tasks on Tic Tac Toe Choice Board.
  2. Post pictures of your completed tasks in your ‘Dojo portfolio

Big picture

Group 5


  1. Create a short 30 second video explaining your understanding of Main Idea. You may use prompts in your video as needed to explain your understanding.
  2. Our Flip Code is g834c7m