The AMAZING chemistry bingo!

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Rules of the game!

Rules of Atomic!

1) Give an Atomic bingo card to each player

2) Pass out plastic bingo dots

3) Draw out a formula compound or a name of a compound and call it out; which ever you draw you will look for the opposite on you Atomic game car

-For example:

If iron (II) acetate is drawn you will look for the formula Fe(C2H3O2)2 on your Atomic bingo card

4) Once you get 6 compound formulas/compound names in a row call “ATOMIC!”

5) Someone then will come check your card to make sure you have all the correct answers

6) If you are correct you win the game and receive candy

Make class time fun everyday!!

A super fun easy way to learn polyatomics in class!!

Reviews of Atomic

My chemistry class learned polyatomics so fast with this game!

- Dr. West

My students never want to stop playing this game they love it so much!!!

- Mrs. Woolbright

Best game ever!!!!!

-Students everywhere!

This game is garanteed to make learning fun!!


-Atomic Bingo only cost $10.99!!!

-For ages 15 and above

-helps make learning fun!!


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