1929 Stock Market Crash

By Kyle Cioffi

Wall Street Crash

The 1929 Stock Market Crash began on Oct 24, 1929 and was the most devastating stock market crash in US history. The crash started the 10- year Great Depression that affected all Western Industrial countries.

Shares Traded

Some companies issued millions of shares in stocks. In 1997, IBM had 982,261,000 shares, and Coca-Cola had 2,480,344,000. Also AT&T increased from 139,000 , in 1929, to 567,000 in 1930.

On October 24, 1929, 12,894,650 shares were traded

Bull & Bear Market

The terms "bull market" was when the stock shares rate raised and "bear market" was considered low stock share rates.

Quick Fact

During the crash, hotel clerks were to ask guests if they wanted a room for sleeping or jumping...