The Southwest

The 4 states of the Southwest

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Geographical Features

The southwest has many intriguing and beautiful natural features. One of the most beautiful features and one of the most visited by tourists in the southwest is the Grand Canyon. Formed by water and ice weathering and eroding the form, the Grand Canyon gets almost 5 million visitors each year. The southwest doesn't just have the Grand Canyon going for it, it also has other natural wonders like havasu falls, Antelope canyon, and monument valley. Overall, the southwest's natural landforms are both inspiring and beautiful.
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Monument Valley

Climate of the southwest

Usually hot and dry all the time. In January in Texas the average high is 62 degrees Fahrenheit and the low is 42 degrees Fahrenheit with 2.2 inches of perspiration. In August the average high is 97 degrees Fahrenheit and low of 75 degrees Fahrenheit with 2.99 inches of perspiration.

Natural resources in the southwest

Oil mining is big in the southwest. Also, natural gas like petroleum and copper mining are important natural resources to the southwest.


Tacos, corn, tortillas, tomatoes, squash and chili are foods that people eat in the southwest. The people in the southwest share different recipes and cuisines. Corn, tomatoes, and squash are used in many recipes. People n the southwest like to have dips with chips like chips and salsa. The southwest has many different foods and recipes!

Famous people

The southwest has many different people in it. The southwest not only has normal people in it , but it has famous people and artists. Selena Gomez, Blake Shelton, Brad Pitt, and Neil Patrick Harris are all from the southwest. Blake Shelton is a country singer/ song writer , he is known for writing country songs unlike Selena Gomez who sings pop songs. Brad Pitt and Neil Patrick Harris are famous actors. Neil Patrick Harris was in a Tv show " How I Met Your Mother." Brad Pitt was the voice of a superhero in "Megamind."

Southwest industry

There are many different industries in the southwest, including....

  • Automobile Assembly
  • Aluminum
  • Technology
  • Energy/Electrical jobs

Southwest Agriculture

The southwest is home to many different plants that produce many different fruits and vegetables. Some examples are,

  • Peppers
  • Tomatillos
  • Edamame
  • Lima beans
  • Green onions

Southwest jobs

The southwest has one of the highest ranking in these jobs,

  • Educational services
  • Food manufacturers
  • Hospitals

Arts and Recreation

People in the south do many different things to do for fun than we do. For example rodeos are a fun thing to do. There is also exploring caves on national parks and visiting reservations like the Hopi reserve.

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Major Tourist Attractions

Major tourist attractions are all over the southwest. There are many things to visit. Grand Canyon national park is a beautiful park to visit. Another place would be the breathtaking Sunset Crater Volcano. Finally the Saguaro National Park is a must visit.



Sunset Crater Volcano

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