Video Game Designer

By Jakub Gorski

Idea Behind Game Design

In game design you have a variety professions that you could go through. For instance you could be the person to animate a character or maybe you could be design a level in a game, there are lots of possibilities for this career. Not only that but you more than likely have people that you work with people and you need to have great communication skills.
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Some of the required skills

  • the basics of coding
  • punctual grammar
  • some social skills
  • the know-how of how to be a leader
  • basic of how a computer works
Extra Credits - So You Want To Be a Game Designer - Career Advice for Making Games
This video will help explain the basic ideas of how a Game Designers work and the qualities you need.

Work Place and Education needed

If you want to become a Game Designer the place of where you will be working is more than likely a office building or some sort of other facility. Another thing that you need to know to be a Game Designer is that you need a Bachelor's Degree in game design.
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Daily Tasks in Game Design

A computer game designer usually works under the direction of a lead designer and may be responsible for drawing a family of alien creatures for a new game, writing the stories for those creatures or giving practical input about how the game plays - determining whether or not it is actually fun to play! Because the nature of the job is usually collaborative, computer game designers may be given a variety of tasks based on their individual talents or on what needs to be accomplished in any specific stage of game development.

Another things that when you are a game designer you make an average of about 70,000$ to 90,000$ a year.
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Schools After Schools

The college that I was able to find that gave classes for game design (and may seem too price for most folk) is DePaul With about 33 thousand a year for tuition. It has several different classes like Animation, Coding, Modeling, and also and just game development.
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