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Eastlake High School 8.19.19

Titan Family

Dear Titans:

Great job of meeting our parents and guardians at Open House and creating strong partnerships. I heard from many parents that night who were impressed by the quality of our staff. I am also reminded about how many people we serve from within our district! We are making a difference and it is noted! Here are some key reminders for the week (many are the same from last week):

A. Safe School Ambassadors. I am interested in bringing this anti-bullying program and assembly to our school. I have worked with them for the last several years and have found it to be amazing. It fits nicely with our school mission and goals for culture and climate. We will need some teacher volunteers. I guarantee that it will be one of the best training you have been to! Let me know if you are interested. Here is information about the program.

B. Training. Please let us know if you have not received the Blood Borne Pathogen and/or Sexual Harassment training. Also, the Mandated Reporter Online training is due by August 23rd. We will conduct the Appropriate Boundaries Training at our August Faculty Meeting. Time is supposed to be afforded via Pro Hours to complete the online training. Please work with your departments to accommodate the time needed. You should have also received a note from Karina Campos. Let's get this done.

C. Classroom Needs. Here is a LINK to record your concerns about any operational issues in your classroom or the school. We have our district team here this week and I will do my best to address these concerns.

D. Observation Schedule. We are committed to getting out to classes. Here is the schedule of our observations. Please hold us accountable. We have agreed to ask students What they are learning, How they will show they have learned and Why it's important. We start this week!

E. Faculty Meeting. We will have our first faculty meeting this Wednesday in the Theater at 3:00. The tentative schedule includes: Celebrations, Appropriate Boundaries Training, WASC Update and SEA Union Meeting, Those who are on the formal evaluation cycle will be notified and we will meet after your SEA meeting, It will not take long at all. In preparation for the faculty meeting, please fill out this WASC PLC Survey.

F. Titan Way Pins Update. We are ordering 10 pins for each teacher to give out as they please. The students really want the pin, so let's make it happen. Here is a LINK to report the student, so that I may call them out and give them a reward and call their parent. We will give out the pins at the next faculty meeting. So, give out your first pin this month! Add as needed.

Have a great week Titans. Can't wait to see you all in action. Go Titans!

Keep Shining,

Ricardo Cooke, Ed.D.

Week at a Glance

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Christian's Big Heart Race

I hope some of you will join this great opportunity to support our Eastlake High School family members. If you have a teen, consider getting him/her screened for potential heart concerns.
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Leadership Dates

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Titan and SEL Connection Challenge

Each week, I will post a simple challenge. Some of you do these challenges already. I invite you to take a moment to mix it up for yourself and get even more connected to our school community.

This week's Titan Challenge: This week I will take two minutes to ask my students what we can do to make our class an even better place to be.

Self-Care Challenge

I care deeply about the staff. We give so much of ourselves to our students and parents. Take time for balance and reflection.

Self-Care Challenge: No negative words to yourself at all this week. Phrase everything with a positive spin. Be good to you... we need you!

Titans in Action!

Amazing Open House Night. Way to go team!

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Let's Go Girls Tennis!

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Just Brilliant!

I tried to park here just to mess with Hernan! Well done...
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