Second Grade Newsletter

November 2019

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Odds and Ends

I can't believe November is here! The weather is getting cooler outside. Please make sure your child is dressed in layers as the weather is changing. We will be going outside as long as the temperature is above 25 degrees and it is not raining. Please label coats and such since these item often get left outside so we can identify the owner. As always, class donations of tissues and wipes are appreciated.

Dates to remember:

November 8th is a teacher work day/no school for students.

Thanksgiving Break begins on Wednesday, November 27th and goes through

Friday, November 29th

Language Arts

This is the start of the Quarter 2. As we begin this month, students will be focusing on reading informational text. Students will be learning how to identify and use text features such as heading, photos, pictures, and captions to help make meaning of the information. Students will be expected to"read the text features" along with the text and state information learned from each. Students will also focus on how to identify key or important details from a text based on the main idea. Foundational skills will reinforce the practice of syllable types such as closed and silent e, and ending blends and digraphs to help students read and write words correctly to improve fluency. In Writing, we will be beginning a new unit which will focus on informational writing. Students will learn how to generate ideas/facts on a topic to create a multi-paragraph report that addresses an introductory paragraph, paragraphs that support details to explain their introductory paragraph and then a conclusion paragraph to sum up their report.


As the quarter begins, students will be reviewing and extending their knowledge of place value. Students will represent a 3 digit number in various forms - word form, expanded notation, and in standard form They will use what they know to pattern count by 2, 5, 10, and 100. This will help them solve problems efficiently. Students will be expected to solve problems involving counting money. Arrays, which model repeated addition, will be introduced. Continue to practice math fact as well to improve fluency. See the link below for ideas to help your child in math. Please feel free to explore the Centerville Media Home Page - Math section for activities to practice these skills as bell. Below is the link for School/Home Connection Activities in Math.

Social Studies

Students will be finishing up the Geography unit. They should be able to identify physical and natural features on a map along with being able to identify various land forms along with human and natural features and types of communities such as rural, suburban, and urban.
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Our first Science unit, Earth Processes, will begin toward the middle of this month. In this unit students will learn about how fast and slow changes affect land. We will be learning about how erosion, weathering, earthquakes, and flooding have affected the land both locally (Carroll Creek) as well as globally (Hawaii). Students will have an opportunity to be scientists and will be creating and participating in many hands-on activities (they will even build a volcano!) that will model these changes.