Start up in The Netherlands

Our services as an extension of your business.

When you consider starting up business abroad, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the options and information available to you. As a small corporate services provider, DolkHesper has helped numerous companies to establish business in the Netherlands and Europe. Because of our experience we can quickly point you in the right direction and help you keep things simple.

The Netherlands is a logical first step for international business expansion, because the country has a long history of trade and is organized to make international business easy:

- most people speak multiple languages

- legal documentation can be submitted in English

- there are incentives, trade treaties and tax treaties to facilitate international business

- there are plenty of advisors and service providers who can help you get organized

DolkHesper is a logical first stop in the Netherlands because we can help you clarify your needs and priorities. After your orientation we can offer you local business support if you decide to stay in the Netherlands. DolkHesper offers customized advice and services based on your specific needs and priorities.

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