By: Timothy Edwards

Snail defence

once upon a time there was snail he was minding his own business than a turtle came along and said i am gowning to get you from last time.Snail said that was not me yes it was explained turtle.i am gowning to get you turtle was ganging on Snail.Snail felt the hole ground shake then all of the sudden Snail remembered that he can go in his shell. Snail quick whet into his shell.Then Turtle hit Snail and he whet flying and hit a tree and then he landed in a giant pile of leaves.Snail realized that he was in turtle nest.Snail got out of there as fast as he couild. Snail dident know Turtle was wright there and he kicked him and he flew.And if snail did not have a shell he wouid of died and Snail lived happly ever after.