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Breaking gossip

Henry has decide that after twenty years of happy marriage with Catharine of Aragon he finally wants a divorce. He has waited all this time for a male heir to the throne and has not got one, people will start to steal the throne and if Henry dies without an heir then there might be a civil war. People say that he wants to marry Ann Boleyn, he might even break from the catholic church to get a divorce.

Why Henry broke Gods law

Henry's brother (Arthur) was married to Catharine of Aragon but then he died. There where two books with two different laws, one said "If you are not married and your brother dies you must marry the widow" the other one said " if you uncover your brothers nakedness then you shall remain childless". Henry obeyed the first one and ignored the other, he then thought that his marriage might be cursed.

Would this mean he might Break From Rome

Ann Boleyn is a secret Protestant, if he doesn't get a divorce he might get rid of Wolvsey. This would mean he would have Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Crammer as his advisers, they are also secret Protestants. They would persuade him to break from the catholic church, if he did do this then that would meant more power, wealth, he would be able to divorce Catherine, he might have a male heir to the throne and he would be able to marry Catherine.