Categories of Sales Promotion

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Premium Item/ Give-Aways- Items that are given away at an event in order to promote a certain place of business.

Contests- Promotional scheme in which participants have to complete a task using skill to receive prizes.

Sweepstakes- Prizes are awarded to winners of the form of contest. Ex. winning a trip to Bahamas.

Sampling- Giving out free samples of a product or of food in order to draw attention and promote business. Ex. when people hand out samples of food at Grapevine Mills Mall.

Point of Purchase- A place where sales are made. Ex. items to be bought near register at grocery store.

Special Event- A promotion that's focused on one single event. Ex. there are many different kinds of promotion that goes toward Edgefest.

Couponing- Certificates that allow consumers to receive discounts on a promotional product. Ex. coupon to Rosa's on back of Flower Mound Football ticket.


Premium Item Give-Aways

An example of item give-aways would be at baseball games. A day you decide on going to a Texas Ranger's game, or any baseball game for that matter, you can bet that you will receive a promotional item give-away. There are many different items given out, a few of these include: mini bats, bobble heads, and shirts.


Contests are used a lot during halftimes of basketball games. The most famous halftime contest would have to be the half court shot. The link below shows how a student received 10,000 dollars after winning a half court shot at a halftime contest.


In the link below you can enter to win a chance to travel to Brazil. The difference between contest and sweepstakes is that you only have to enter to receive a change to win, unlike a contest where you must preform something skillful.


Sampling is an important form of promotion and is most often used by food companies to encourage people to buy food from them. I've experienced this a lot at Grapevine Mills Mall. At the food court workers stand out to give free samples of food to customers.

Point of Purchase

Many of us have seen items placed by the cash register as we go to check out, but why are they placed there? This is actually a form of promotion in order to have people recognize certain products.
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Special Event

Concerts, firework shows, and film festivals are good examples of events. Edgefest was a concert where I saw a lot of promotion occur.


Groupon is a good source for coupons. They sell marked down items/ goods and services to customers in order to promote companies business.
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