By: Maggie McGuire



He picked the flower.

Isn't it a shame that the

most gorgeous ones die.

Repeat -A-Word Poem or Blank Verse

The light sines bright every day

It reflects her image across the shore in every way.

She looks completely happy every day.

But apart of her dies every way

The words they say to her every day.

Cut her deeper every way.

She keeps holding on every day.

Because the ones that love have her keep her in a hospital in every way.

She's not crazy not every day.

But they think that, because of the marks she leaves on herself every way.

Free Verse

Isn't it funny

how one hour

with one special person

can make up

for a million

of lost ones.

















I wonder how my life will end up.

What will my job be?

Will I be happy?

I wonder if the world will end.

How will it happen?

Will it be bad?

I wonder who I will marry.

When will I meet them?

Have I already met them?

I wonder what would happen if I stopped wondering.

Will it ever happen?

Why would I stop?

I wonder when I will stop having blonde moments.

Will it ever happen?

How do I stop?

I wonder why the world spins.

How does it do it?

Why does it have to?

I wonder!

I Wish

I wish I could fly. I would soar so high.

I wish I could move far away and find my destiny today.

I wish I was older, so I would be respected more.

And I wish I was faster, so I could chase my enemies far away.

I wish I was wise. As wise as a beautiful owl with wings.

I Used To

I used to think that everything in the world was good.

That everything, everywhere, and everyone was happy.

But as I get older I realize I was wrong.

I realize that things are rough all over.

I used to run from my feelings.

I thought they would destroy me.

But now I know not to run

because my feelings make me wiser, brighter, happier, funnier, and

they make me, me.

I used to run from change.

I feared it.

But now I know not to run from change

but to embrace it.

Because change does not mean end.

Change means new beginning.

I used to wonder what life would be when it was over.

But now I know that it isn't a mater, a fear of Hell.

But a thought, a feeling, a hope to be forgiven and live eternally in Heaven.

I used to only want fame when I got older.

I wanted to be famous and be loved by millions.

But now I know fame and worth is not what I want,

all I want is to be loved by one,

and be famous through my children.


Maggie Jo went to Jericho

to find a bundle of tea.

But she was not disappointed

that all she found was he.

Taylor Swift has a wonderful gift.

Her gift is her voice.

And you can listen to her songs

but it is your choice.

Terse Verse

The Words Everyone says When They Drop Their Phone



Found Poem

Father Yelling at Daughter from the Stands During Basketball Game

Use your legs!

Box out hard!

Beat her!


Don't do that!

Use your head!



Move your feet!

Post up!


Good game!

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