Martin Luther King Jr.

I have a dream

About Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin was born in 1929. He was a Baptist minister. He also was part of the civil rights movement. He gave his i have a dream speech in AUG 28. 1963. He was a social activist and was non violent protester. He was assassinated in April 1968 by James Earl Ray.

About martin's speech

On AUG 28. 1963 Martin Luther King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech. The speech was given in Washington D.C at the Lincoln memorial.
Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech

There was many things going on in the world in the "1960"

The civil rights movement was a huge deal for america. There was also alot of other things going on in the 1960. The Vietnam War and the first time we broke genetic code.