Bible Basics

The story of the bible

6 genres of the bible

Law: Leviticus contains laws and it has 5 books.

History: Book of acts, History of the early church. History of events, people and places.

Poetry: Poetry is used in the book of Psalms. Poetry is used in metaphors and similes.

Gospels: There are 4 Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Like and John. They each tell the story of Jesus.

Prophecy: There are 12 prophetic books in the Old Testament and 1 prophetic book in the New Testament. The books sometimes predict the future, they speak for God and they criticizes evil.

Epistle: The book of Paul and Romans. The books were written to people or churches.

How the bible came to be

People developed forms of writing that were easy to learn and use. People began to write down the stories, songs and prophecies that would one day become a part of the bible.

Feature of a Study Bible

- There are word definitions to explain difficult or complex words and ideas.

- There are illustrations of locations and artifacts.

- There are introductions and historical notes for each book of the bible.

- There are references or cross-references, to indicate where one passage of the text relates to other.

- There is a concordance, which is a word index that indicates where various keywords are used in the bible etc.