The Book Of Scary October

This flyer is based on Tangerine

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1. The main characters at the beginning are Paul Fisher,is brother Erik Fisher, his Father, and his mom. Paul Fisher is the main character because the story takes is in his perspective. His mom is one of the main characters because he is the mom of Paul and Erik. The dad is one of the main characters because he is the father to Paul and Erik Fisher. At last, Erik is one of the main characters because he is the brother of Paul.

2.Paul is legally blind because of a solar eclipse but he cannot recall what happened.

3. People call Paul the eclipse boy because that is how Paul got to be legally blind.

4. The family moves to Tangerine, Florida.

5. The next day that the family is there, there was lots of smoke filling the air.

6. To their surprise, the family finds out that lightning strikes the same place the same time each and every day.

7. Paul father wants Erik to pursue a football career so he spend more time with Erik than he does with Paul who does not play football.

8.Paul started to play soccer at Lake Windsor Middle School

9.Erik joins Lake Windsor High School football team.

10. Mike Costello died at football practice by getting struck by lightning.

The connection of MOYA toTangerine

Now that Paul is legally blind, that may cause stress to him because Paul cannot see like the other kids his age. Also, Paul plays soccer not football so his dad does not pay as much attention to him as he does to Erik. So, that may cause Paul to be sad sometimes because Paul does not get as much attention as Erik does when it comes to sports. It also may be stressful to Paul because he has to adjust to his new life with his sight disability. For example, he may have to use Braille to read things because he cannot see as good as other people. Also, it may be stressful for Paul because now that he is legally blind, he may never get to drive and that is what every kids wants to do when they reach the age of 15.

The chronological order that lead up to Mike Costello's death.

The first event that happened that lead up to Mike Costello's death is, everyday at the same time lightning strikes at the same place which is near the football field. One day during practice, Mike got struck by lightning. Then, Paul and Erik's dad called 9-11. One the ambulance got to Mike, they tried everything they could to keep Mike alive but nothing worked. Mike went to the hospital and so did Erik and Paul's dad to see how Mike was doing. Unfortunately, Mike died from the lighting strike. To my surprise, Erik and his friend Arthur were happy about Mike's death because since he died, they would get a better spot on the football team.

What you need to have for the 2015 soccer tryouts at Lake Windsor Middle School!

Orange Shorts

Blue shirt

White Tennis Shoes

Soccer ball

Can't wait to see you there!

The Difference Between Paul and Erik Fisher

Even though Paul and Erik are brothers, that does not mean that they are similar. These two brother are like day and night when it comes to comparing them. Erik Fisher is a football star in everyones eyes especially his dad. So according to the story, Erik is a phenomenal football. Then, when it comes to Paul, who is into sports just not football, has a bit of a challenge. Paul is legally blind because of an solar eclipse but he cannot recall what happened. Paul likes to play soccer so he tried out for the school team. Paul's dad does not pay as much attention to Paul because he does not play football and Paul's father loves football. So when you compare these two brothers the things that they have in common are, they both play sports and they both live in the same place such as Tangerine, Florida. Some things that the brothers do not have in common are, Erik plays football and Paul plays soccer so they play two different sports. Also, Erik is not legally blind when Paul is. At last, Erik is in high school and Paul is in middle school.