BCA December Newsletter

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Senior Spotlight: Austin Forsberg

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Plans after high school: Austin plans to major in electronic media production at MTSU.

Why are you interested in electronic media? Austin has a passion for behind the scenes media production, such as editing, directing, graphics, and sound productions.

Leadership roles: Co-captain of Swing Club, Ultimate Frisbee, NHS treasurer, and Eagle Scout

Capstone Project: Austin is filming a short documentary about teenage depression.

How will you advertised the video: Austin plans to share the video via YouTube.

Employment: O'Charley's

Interests beyond academics: Austin enjoys spending time with his pals.

Favorite teacher: “Coach McCreery is the teacher for my favorite class and has taught me a lot about my pathway.”

Senior Spotlight: Tyler Forsberg

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Plans after high school: Tyler plans to study architecture at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Leadership roles: Boy Scouts (junior assistant scout master), Ultimate Frisbee, Chess Club, Swing Club, NHS

Capstone Project: Tyler is evaluating the cost and environmental benefits of solar energy and to study how BHS can hypothetically benefit from being run on solar panels.

Why did you choose this project? Architecture has a lot to do with sustainability, which is one of his interests.

Who has helped guide you throughout this project? Ed Willhite at Schneider Electric

Interest(s) beyond academics: Boy scouts, camping, and snow skiing

Employment: O’Charley’s

Favorite Teacher: "Joy Wilson is willing to put forth the time that her students are willing to put forth."

Senior Spotlight: Leah Darnall

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Plans For College: University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Leadership Roles: Student body treasurer and co-president of Renaissance

Capstone Project: Leah's project deals with how nutrition affects academic success in classrooms and how it could be taught better in classrooms.

Interests beyond academics: Photography, Ultimate Frisbee, and Band

Future Plans: Leah's future plans include minoring in Spanish in order to become bilingual. She hopes to move to another country where she will be nursing there for a few years.

Favorite Quote: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

Senior Spotlight: Crystal Dangerfield

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Plans For College: University of Connecticut

Leadership Roles: Crystal's leadership role is being a good student. She believes students and younger kids look up to her academically and behavior wise. Crystal is also a role model for younger players and children in basketball.

Capstone Project: Crystal's project focuses on extracurricular activities and their effects on school.

Interests beyond academics: Music, movies, and relaxing

Future Plans: Crystal wants to play with the Women's National Basketball Association and also become a CEO.

Favorite Quote: "To be a consistent winner means preparing not just one day, one month, or even one year but for a lifetime."

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Upcoming Events

BCA Information Night

Monday, Dec. 7th, 6pm

BHS Auditorium

This event is for new applicants and their parents.

Registration & Early Post-Secondary Information Night

Monday, Jan. 11th 2016 at 6pm

BHS Auditorium

BCA Admission Interviews

We are in need of students to volunteer to help interview new BCA applicants between January 18th and 29th. Contact Ms. Bryan if you are interested. You will receive Extra Curricular Activity hours for your contribution.

Registration Suggestions for 2016-2017

  • Upcoming sophomores: Honors English II, Honors Algebra II or Advanced Honors Geometry, and Honors Chemistry

  • Upcoming juniors: AP English III, AP U.S. History or Dual Enrollment U.S. History, and Speech or Critical Thinking (highly recommended junior year before capstone)

  • Upcoming seniors: Speech or Critical Thinking (if not already taken) and Capstone

BCA Speaker Series

The Blackman High Speaker Series is in full swing! Here is the speaker for the month of December:

  • Wednesday, December 9th during Prime Time in the auditorium, MTSU Biology Professor Dr. Ryan Otter will be our speaker. He has written a book about high school students excelling in college. All BCA members and NHS members are expected to attend.

If you get an idea for a future speaker, we would love to hear it! Email Mr. Seadorf at seadorfb@rcschools.net

Speaker Series Recap: Butler Touchton

Butler Touchton, a banker and philanthropist, spoke at the Blackman High School speaker series on Wednesday, October 28th, during Prime Time. Georgia native Touchton graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1977 with a BA in Biology. Although his degree is in science, Touchton transferred to banking because his liberal arts background allowed him to "relate to people" and provided him with "practical skills" that could expand to any profession.

A former National Honors Society member, Touchton is able to share his advice with Blackman because he attends church with Brian Seadorf, librarian. A church meeting prompted the idea for his session, during which he asked the attendees "what [they] wished somebody told [them] when [they] had the ears to hear it." His first lesson was about honesty, which he defined as "telling one-hundred percent of the truth, one-hundred percent of the time." He continued with integrity, which he defined as "having the reputation of being honest all of the time." His final point focused on money and independence, and he advised students to be people "who figure it out for themselves."

Touchton did not have time to address one of his remaining points. He wants students to think about what they would do if they are wealthy. "If you've accumulated some wealth, that's great. But what are you going to do with it? You're saving money so that you can be generous and help others. You can save it for your children, or use it to better society, school, [and] the world."

Written by: Abby Morehouse, Editor-in-Chief of the Voice

Photo credit: Zach Adams

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Senior Project Help

Dakota Frech

  • Computer Refurb - Needs old computers and parts, specifically looking for a keyboard and mouse. Collection until Christmas break. Email Dakota at dakota.frech@yahoo.com.

Monica Nelson

  • Creating a music video showcasing each of the fine arts. Looking for participants who are in Theater III or IV, Band, or Choir. Sign up in the counseling office.

Josh Miller

  • Come support Josh Miller at his Ten Minute Play Festival on Saturday, December 12th at 7 p.m. in the BHS auditorium.

Extra Help

If your child is struggling in class, encourage them to get extra help during Prime Time, which is each day from 9:16-9:47. Also, the BHS National Honor Society students tutor during Prime Time in the library. Students can get a pass to go in the library from 7:45-8:25. Click here to access the BHS tutoring brochure. Click here to access the current Library Log.


MTSU’s Huber shares leadership advice with Blackman students

Click here to read this great article!

Dual Enrollment


To be eligible for the Dual Enrollment program, students must:
1. be a junior or senior in high school;
2. have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA; or
3. have a minimum composite of 22 ACT (SAT composite of 1020); or equivalent ACT Plan test score

**Admission to MTSU and the Dual Enrollment program does not guarantee eligibility for all courses. Some courses require prerequisites and/or certain test subscores, including Math and English courses.


The tuition cost of a Dual Enrollment class is $166.00 per credit hour. This cost can be offset by the Dual Enrollment Grant, if the student applies and is ruled eligible. Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA for dual enrollment courses taken to stay eligible for the grant. The student should be prepared to pay the tuition cost in advance and then be reimbursed. Other anticipated costs include textbooks, $25 application fee, online course fees, and any applicable lab fees.

Dual Enrollment Grant

The total amount of grant money per student is $1200 total for their high school career. Current juniors get $500 for class one and two, which will cover the cost of a 3 hour class ($498 total per class). Current seniors were only set to get $300 for course 1 and 2, but MTSU decided to scholarship the additional $198 for the first two classes so that they too could have class one and two covered in full.

  • Current seniors

Current seniors who have not taken two DE classes in the fall can still take advantage of this additional money provided by MTSU ($198) for the Spring term to cover class one and two in full. For class 3 and 4 they will receive $100 per credit hour leaving them a balance of $198 for class 3 and 4.

  • Current juniors

Current juniors who have already taken two classes will receive $200 for class 3 (leaving a balance of $298) and nothing for class 4 (leaving a balance of $498).

*Although class 3 and 4 seem like a lot of out-of-pocket money, in-state undergraduate tuition cost is currently $1,011 for a 3 hours course, resulting in a savings of $513 when paying the full tuition amount for a dual enrollment course.

Textbook Rentals

If you are taking dual enrollment courses, click here for information on textbook rentals.
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MTSU Field Trip

BCA juniors and seniors got to experience a day on MTSU's campus on Thursday, November 5th. They had a blast getting to participate in different experiences that MTSU has to offer!
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Dr. McPhee and MTSU recognized BHS and The Collegiate Academy at the football game on November 7. They gave the school recognition for our innovative collegiate program, the highest number of dual enrollment students in Rutherford County, the partnership with MTSU, and for encouraging rigor in high school programming. They gave us a game ball, which will be in the front office for all to see!
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BCA Contacts

Principal - Dr. Leisa Justus, justusl@rcschools.net, ext. 22901

Assistant Principal - Ken Reed, reedk@rcschools.net, ext. 22973

School Counselor - Christine Bryan, bryanc@rcschools.net. ext. 22906

Academics - Andrea Holder, holdera@rcschools.net, ext. 22960

Communication - Lois Walker, walkerlm@rcschools.net, ext. 22701

Electronic Portfolio - Ken Hardison, hardisonk@rcschools.net, ext. 22988

Extracurricular - Tim Pedigo, pedigot@rcschools.net, ext. 22995

Events - Hollye Dabney, dabneyh@rcschools.net, ext. 22738

Life Experience - Geneva Cook, cookg@rcschools.net, ext. 22942

Monthly Speakers - Brian Seadorf, seadorfb@rcschools.net, ext. 23036

Research - Rebecca Jones, jonesre@rcschools.net, ext. 22993