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October 15, 2015 Volume 1/No. 9

Thursday Already

The week flies when there's so much to do, doesn't it?
Thanks to those of you who attended this week's PLC. There was lots of great sharing of the hows and whats and whys of DATA from an Engagement Coordinator's point of view.
I've also enjoyed the 1:1 calls that I've had with some of you and I look forward to talking with the rest of you soon. If you have not scheduled your monthly (or twice monthly) 1:1 with me, please do soon. At the end of next week I will check and see who is missing from the list.
In 1:1 calls I hope to find how I can assist you and make your work easier. Hopefully I've begun to do that. I'm here for you. ,
The FEC Playbook Draft is here for your perusal.
I know you're busy. I know you've got too much to read, but please take a little time over the next week to read and send me feedback on this. This document is meant to be far more than just a Start-Up Guide for Newbies. Rather, it's meant to be a living document that even the most veteran of FECs can turn to for resources and help. The fact is that none of us know everything about the job at hand, but together we can collect a wealth of information that makes taking care of families at each school more effective.

Trainings and PLCs

Upcoming NPDs & PLCs

Motivational Interviewing

This three-part series will provide participants with the essentials of Motivational Interviewing (MI). Using MI skills as a communication modality helps promote active listening, displays genuine interest, and increases the speaker’s (student or Learning Coach) feeling of support.

This series is led by Alex Zamora, Idaho Virtual Academy School Social Worker and Family Academic Support Team Administrator.

K12 FAST Model NPD Session Dates:
October 22 - Motivational Interviewing Part I
October 29 - Motivational Interviewing Part II
November 5 - Motivational Interviewing Part III


Upcoming National Professional Learning Community date is October 27.
Remember, here is a question that I left you with at the PLC:
"After You do Things Using What You Learned from the DATA,
What Do You Do Next?"

And our topic for the PLC in general is:
Communications & Documentation Best Practices

Please, start collecting information and your thoughts around this topic.

Finally, remember that PLCs are mandatory for FAST Pilot School Staff. If you are unable to attend, please let me and your FAST Lead know. You need to register for FAST training in the portal.

Questions from Your Colleagues

"I am struggling with getting our students to sign up for learning labs. This is a two prong problem, as many are, because there are many reasons that students aren't signing up. Transportation, weekly commitment this year, not THEIR teacher, teachers aren't always prepared, too far from them, mom works, times don't work for the student... list goes on...
I'm struggling with filling the seats and this doesn't look good for the program.
I'd love any suggestions:) Next we're going to move to giving away free stuff..."
-Jasmine Poor (CASC)
If you have some thoughts, you can send them right on to Jasmine at
"How do other FECs track the LCs on their caseload? Excel sheet, OneNote, or other trackers?
Is there one especially for FEC?
What criteria do other FECs use to determine if an LC is ready to be exited from FEC support?"
-LuAnne Charles (UTVA)
If you have some thoughts, you can send them right to LuAnne at

Adding to Your Pocket

From Gina Moore at ARVA

"This is a time saver for me and likely many of you do this in some form as well. I have several templates of notes that I seem to send regularly enough that I don't want to have to keep rewriting a message. I keep them in my notes section of Outlook so that I can just copy and paste into an email or kmail as needed, updating basic information as I go. Examples of these templates include: Undeliverable email address update request, any recurring emails sent to groups of people (like new/enrolling families, yearly Needs Assessment), Tech guidance (like BBC/CC down and what to do), etc. Having these at my fingertips saves me time in the moment (often when I'm trying to hurry), keeps me from having typos (because I've already crafted the message), and ensures that I'm sharing a comprehensive message (because I'll often leave things out when I compose the letter just before I send it).
Hope that all made sense!"
Gina Moore

Thank you, Gina!
Want to thank Gina? Send her an email at

A Tool to Share

Big image

Input addresses and zipcodes of your families and be able to draw circles around heavier population areas and plan events, etc.
Shared by Denise Roberts of WAVA
THANK YOU, Denise!

A Little Inspiration

Big image
For the Starfish Video, click here.

Article to Share

10 Things All Great Online Educators Do- An article by Barbara Popp. - If you change the word "student" to "parent" you'll find just how much it all applies. Enjoy.

Let me know what you need and what you think.

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