Child Abuse

Don't let innocent kids get abused any longer


5 children die everyday in America because of child abuse

Kids who are abused most likely become bullyed at school.

Most children become abused 18 months old, or younger.

14 percent of all men and 36 percent of all woman that go to prison were abused when they were younger.



Examples of Kids that were abused.

First, you need to realize that it is common for the child to show up with many different things. They could be being hungry, bruises, bumps, bad nutrition, lice, or even trying to commit suicide. Once you have noticed that, you tell the principal and the nurse and set up an appointment with the parent and child with the school counselor. If things get worse even after the parent has been asked, you go to the state. It then becomes a problem out of your hands.

Help stop a big problem that is growing!

Every year kids get abused, more and more each year. Help stop a BIG problem.