compare and contrast ,sequance,problem and solution

Reason why

I picked the word Spirit for perseverance because it reminded me of my grandma or "Darlene Watson" she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and leukemia. Even though she has los all her hair, breast also her butt cheeks and she always has pain but yet is still happy and still fighting this battle since 2006-2015.


Spirit-Those qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in character of a person, nation or group or in the thought and additions of a particular period(noun)

Leukemia- Also known as blood cancer, its a cancer of blood forming tissues, hindering the body ability to fight infection. over 20-200k people are dignoised in the U.S

Breast cancer- A cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts, over 3million us cases per year.

Osteosarcoma- is a cancerous tumor in a bone.

The Deferenses

My grandmother is a real superhero she's been threw so many hardships in her life with cancer. Okay now think about superman his a superhero but only with powers to fly, laser eyes and such all he has is physical, but my grandma is the real supers hero by fighting cancer and by fighting the real bad guys CANCER!

Zach Sobiech

When you hear the name Zach Sobiech you probably think of the normal teen American boy ,but no, no his not just a regular teen boy. In 2009 In 8th grade Zach was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. In may 2012 Zach was informed by his doctors that he only had up to a year to live. Once Zach found out he was dieing he decided to not free depressed about it, he hard so much spirit and brung spirit to other with his big white smile and personality A few months later Zach made a song "Clouds" is about saying goodbye to his family and friends, also if you wanna listen to the song you can add to you're playlist on spotify for free !
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Junior High Probs And Ways To Fix Them

Hello my name is Chynna I'm thirteen years old I go to a middle school called "Scullen Middle School" .Its very normal for girls my age to fight nor start drama over the most pettiest things. Us "teen girls" mostly fight over BOYS!,money,what you're wearing, how you look, shoe game. From my own experience in middle school, I was in 6th grade and their were always this big group of "popular" girls and they would always judge me for almost everything I did. Like this one time it was picture day and I wanted to look very nice and girly so I wore the pretty neon dress(From forever 21), nice fitting. All the girls in that "group" were saying my dress was "slutish" and I was very upset I thought I was unpretty and not good enough for people . But once I found the right positive social group they gave me so much spirit to be to not be afraid to be myself and show others my big nice outgoing personality, The best thing to do if you have any middle school problems is to either talk to the person one on one don't text them or talk to a counsiler about it and DONT tell no other kids about the problem it has to stay between you and the person or you'll make the problem even bigger than it is.