clean water


Wells are important because without them we would be drinking contaminated water. with wells we can have clean water. but in Africa they have to walk 4 hours Just to get water. If we give them a well less people will get sick so no more suffering . A hand pump is a type of well it has a faucet and a handle that goes up and down when you push up and down.
Water Changes Everything.

well repair

Well repair is important because the well can be damaged and the rope could snap and the bar could brake and there would be no water until it is fixed but if you see earlyer it

it can be fixed faster .


Water catchment is when rain falls in to a pipe and gives villages water but in some parts of Africa it's rare to for rain but it's good to place it on the side of your house.


Weirs are a kind of dam that store water for certain villages if they don't have a well to drink from.