Examples in Pop Culture

Transcendentalism can be seen in a large range of today's pop culture. One of the best examples of pop culture with reflections on transcendentalism is YouTube. While the comment section of this website isn't exactly uplifting, the opportunities that YouTube itself presents are enormous, and many people have taken advantage of those opportunities and are using their talents, intentionally or not, to reflect the idea of transcendentalism through this website.

Trust Yourself

Anyone who uploads videos to YouTube that feature themselves or their talents are taking risks. They have to trust themselves to a certain degree, because it is impossible to say for sure how the viewers will react to it. In the following video, Chris Hardwick explains what some of the comments are like on YouTube videos.
Chris Hardwick On Loser YouTube Commenters - CONAN on TBS

Nature Shows You Yourself

YouTube videos about enjoying nature seem to be rare, but there are a few that stand out. Usually, these kinds of videos are sarcastic and funny, but in a way, they still make you want to go spend some time outside by yourself. Neature Walk is one of the most popular original nature videos on YouTube.

Everything is Connected

Websites like YouTube and Facebook make it possible for people to connect to one another more efficiently than ever before possible. Facebook allows us to connect to our friends and family, while YouTube is more geared toward keeping us up to date on current events and entertaining us with an enormous amount of content. The link below has information on the amount of uploaded content and the vast number of people who are connected through what they watch.

Simplify Your Life

Many popular "Youtubers" encourage their viewers to be happy and keep things simple in their everyday lives. For example, although his videos are mainly comedic, Ryan Higa (nigahiga) often gives advice on being happy and keeping things simple. In the video below, he makes fun of people who are over-dramatic and complicate their lives.
First World Problems

Be Unique

Without question, YouTube is home to an enormous amount of unique people with unique talents. It provides opportunities for people with skills to be recognized. Also, many of these people encourage their viewers to take risks and to be unique. If you're looking for something unique, just click any video on YouTube's home page and chances are, it will be unique.