Gives Prizes to Classrooms

16 classes receive prizes just for entering writing contest!

16 classrooms were randomly drawn out of the computer just for entering the contest!

More fun for classrooms just for entering the Be-a-Famous Writer contest!
  • Five schools will receive either Penelope the Purple Pirate, or Gerry the Giraffe for their school courtesy of Polka Dots Publishing.
  • One lucky school was selected to Skype with award winning author Melissa Northway, the writer and creator of the Penelope series along with many other unique stories.
  • 10 schools will receive Garfield posters autographed by creator Jim Davis, along with Official Mrs. P Magic Universal Bookmarks (guaranteed to work in any book in the world!) for the whole class.

Meet the Winning Classrooms from CA to FL and 14 stops in-between!

And the 16 Winners are!

These 5 classrooms will be able to select either Penelope the Purple Pirate or Gerry the Giraffe Books thanks to author Melissa Northway:
  1. Miss Mitchell's 4th Grade, Holy Angels Regional School, Patchogue NY
  2. Gail Mercurio's 1st Grade, Albemarle Road Elementary, Charlotte, NC
  3. Karen Mensing's 1st & 2nd Grade, Fireside Elementary, Phoenix, AZ
  4. Mrs. Jenise Watts 1st Grade, Samuel E Hubbard Elementary, Forsyth, GA
  5. Michelle Midthus's 4th grade, Crestwood Elementary, Cresco, IA
    The Skype with Author Melissa Northway winner is:
  6. Shannon McClintock Miller, Van Meter Community School District Teacher Librarian, coordinating for Eldonna Skahill and Cindi Byrnes class (4th grade) & Staci Braun's class.
    The 10 autographed posters go to:
  7. Rachel Stump's 3rd grade, Christine Sipherd Elementary School, Modesto, CA
  8. Dorothy Petit's Grade 4, Laurel Ledge Elementary School, Beacon Falls, CT
  9. Sarah Chaudhary's 3rd grade, Lincoln Elementary School, Woodburn, OR
  10. Joanie Silverman, David Posnack Jewish Day School, Davie, FL
  11. Mrs. Heather Garnett's 4th grade, The Collegiate School, Richmond, VA
  12. Jennifer Gray's 4th grade, Northfield Elementary School, Northfield, VT
  13. Angela Williams's 4th Grade, Atoka Elementary, Atoka, OK
  14. Audra Kimball's class, Saint Paul, AR
  15. Mrs. Melissa Hayslip's 3rd grade, Wheaton R-3 School District, Wheaton, MO
  16. Ali Alowonle's 4th Grade, Excelsior Elementary School, Excelsior MN

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