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The Inquiry Fair is Coming!

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Share Our Pride on June 1, 2016!

Wyckoff Public Library, 7 - 9 pm

Those students currently in TED-Ed and Discovery sessions are busily putting last minute touches on their projects. Student projects completed in December and January will also be featured at our fair. Second session TED Talks will be filmed beginning the second week of May. All work should be finished by that time, including visuals and practiced speeches. Final drafts of Discovery projects must be submitted by the second week of May to allow time for revision and final format.
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What Does This Mean For Parents?

Parents should be asking to see student work. Discuss big ideas. Help proofread student work. With almost 100 Discovery projects and 65 TED-ED Talks, the more eyes the better. Third graders from Lincoln and Washington Schools completed their projects during the first half of the school year. Our third grade engineers from Sicomac and Coolidge Schools are developing their understanding of the engineering process while working on collaborative skills. All projects, whether from the first half of the year and/or the second half will have to be brought to the Inquiry Fair on June 1. Instructions will follow.
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Special Instructions for Discovery Parents:

Discovery Modes of Presentation:

Discovery students have selected both their topics and their modes of presentation to reflect authentic interests and talents. Here are guidelines for the most popular formats:

Magazines, journals, diaries, and creative fiction must be carefully proofread and reviewed before being published. Students must complete writing and formatting magazines by the second week of May. Once I have proofread it and given the green light, they should have their projects printed and bound for display. Staples, Sir Speedy, and Office Depot are among the places where this may be done. Magazines should reflect real magazines as closely as possible. Their magazines should include a contents page, an editorial board page, various articles, and ads that deal with their theme. It should be printed on both sides of the page. The students were shown examples from former years.

Talk Shows, documentaries and other video projects should be filmed and exported to .mp4 or .m4v to ensure that we will be able to play them. Students may load the movies to their gmail account drives and share the link with me or upload their project to a shared link on a private YouTube account. They may also be brought to class on flash drives to be uploaded to a school account. Please contact me with any questions.

Games should come with clear printed directions. They should be three-dimensional and played at home before being presented in class to ensure that there are enough game cards, if they are used, to sustain interest during the course of the game. All materials should be typed and printed. Game cards should be laminated. I can do that for students if they get their cards to me by the middle of May. Students have been told that THEY are the experts on their chosen topics. By playing the game, others should learn about the topic rather than being quizzed.

Models should be accompanied by supporting texts so that others can understand what they are viewing.

Students should know passwords for Animation Projects that may have been designed on private accounts so that they may share their work. I should have access so that I can help edit their work.

Trifold Brochures should be printed and folded at home to be sure that the margins are correctly formatted.

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The Inquiry Fair Needs YOU!

Volunteers Needed

We need parents from each of the elementary school to help publicize and coordinate this event. Please contact me at jweissman@wyckoffschools.org if you would be willing to help us in any capacity. Parents will be needed for set-up on June 1, clean up on the morning of June 2, and to help bring projects to the Wyckoff Public Library. Many Sicomac School parents have already volunteered to bring refreshments. If parents from other schools would like to bring snacks, please contact Mrs. Porta, porta10@msn.com or Mrs. Romm at mrothdesigns@gmail.com. I offer my heartfelt thanks to all who have already stepped forward by attending meetings and coordinating services to make this night special for our children.

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