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This program is something new for me, but what i can read and learn is that is a program with entretaitment and tv,celebrities and movie content, is one webpage said: "We offer a searchable database of more than 150 million data items including more than 2 million movies, TV and entertainment programs and more than 4 million cast and crew members" these can show how many datas and movies this program have.

also a little bit of story with: "Launched in 1990 by professional computer programmer Col Needham, the company was incorporated in the UK as Internet Movie Database Ltd in 1996, with revenue generated through advertising, licensing, and partnerships. In 1998, it became a subsidiary of, who were then able to use it as an advertising resource for selling DVDs and videotapes"


-It help a lot of people that is interesting in every aspect or detail about movies or series, because you can rate them there or write your opinions about how much you like one of them or if you don't like so you write some recomendation.

-if you cant decide about what movie watch or if you want to invite someone to the cinema but you aren't sure about what movie to pick,you can enter to this program and read the most awesome information about it and it would maybe help you to decide for one.

-if you love some character or actor you can enter there and learn a lot of things about the character and the real name of the actor.


-First you enter to the page or you download the program and you search for the movie, series,actor or trailer you want to watch and your going to find everything.

- I think this can be very useful now and in a future because people in this moments use a lot NETFLIX and different programs to watch series and movie, and a lot of them likes to talk about it, so is very helpful to us to can express what we like about the series we just watch.

IMDB Top Ten
Tutorial de IMDb


I hope you enjoy this information about it, is very interesting this page and maybe not everybody now about it, but i hope you learned more! and if you love to watch sereis and movies but you love even more to be aware about everything that happened, go there!