By Hanna Palchefsky

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The capital of Venezuala is Caracas. Some major cities are Maracaibo, Maracay, Barquisimeto, and Valencia.

Background Information

Venezuala was controlled by Spain before. It gained independence on July 5, 1811. Their official language is Spanish.
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The Venezuelan flag has three different colors. The yellow represents the wealthiness for their territory, the blue represents the sea that separates Venezuela from Spain, and the red represents the bloodshed by the patriots during the independence war. The symbol in the upper left-hand corner is the coat of arms. The arc of eight stars on the middle blue stripe represents the Venezuelan's original eight provinces.
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Venezuela is located East of Columbia, North of Brazil, and West of Guyana. Around Venezuela are the Andes Mountains and Maracaibo Lowlands which are in the Northwest. Another physical feature is the Guiana Highlands in the Southeast.

Political Information

The type of government Venezuela has is Federal Republic. The leader is Nicolas Madura.

Economic Information

The currency in Venezuela is Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF). The economic system is socialist.

Tourist Information

One place to go in Venezuela is the Mochima National Park. It has beautiful beaches. You can also sail to 53 islands there. Another place to go is Los Roques Archipelago. There are more than 50 keys in this archipelago. 300 sandbanks form a circle. Caracas and El Avila are also other places to visit. People say it's best to see Caracas from a distance in Monte Avila. People that visit there can hike up one of the three trails there.