Regular Board Meeting

May 20, 2021 Board Brief

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As authorized by Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-29-20, dated March 17, 2020, the Alvord Unified School District will conduct all meetings of the Governing Board via teleconference until further notice. The meetings will be conducted via Zoom: Click Here. Spanish simultaneous interpretation is available via the Zoom platform. All meetings may also be viewed live on our district YouTube channel on the day of the meeting and are recorded to be viewed subsequently after the meeting: Click Here

Pursuant to Executive Order N-29-20, the Governing Board will take public comment. All public comments must be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting. Please submit your written public comments to: no later than 9:00 a.m. on the day of the scheduled Board Meeting.

During the Governing Board meeting, written public comments received in a timely manner will be read for the Governing Board. Pursuant to Board Bylaw 9323, public comment period will be limited to twenty (20) minutes. Duplicative public comments will not be read during the meeting. However, all written public comments will be provided to the Governing Board in advance of the meeting.



SPECIAL RECOGNITION - Stokoe Elementary School

Presented by: Francine Ramirez, Principal

Student of the Month of May, 2021 MATALIBEY SOW

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Presented by: Eric Pearson, La Sierra High School AVID Coordinator


Recognize 2022 Teachers of the Year

  • Arlanza Elementary Arianna Runquist
  • Collett Elementary Sydney Quick
  • Foothill Elementary Erika Willenborg
  • La Granada Elementary Jaqueline Cespedes
  • Lake Hills Elementary Shirley Torrice
  • McAuliffe Elementary Miguel Capinpin
  • Myra Linn Elementary Valeria Davis-Clemons
  • Orrenmaa Elementary Monica Eppinger
  • Promenade Elementary Gwendolyn Young
  • Rosemary Kennedy Elementary Jennifer Guy
  • Stokoe Elementary Kellie Richmond
  • Terrace Elementary Diana Villanueva
  • Twinhill Elementary Shana Gutierrez
  • Valley View Elementary Jennifer Robbins
  • Arizona Middle Minhwa Suh
  • Loma Vista Middle Saundra Antonio
  • Villegas Middle Imelda Ventura
  • Wells Middle Tom Butorac
  • Alternative Ed. High Stephen Enriquez
  • Alvord High Michele Spratley
  • Hillcrest High Erica Serna
  • La Sierra High Jennifer Allen
  • Norte Vista High Richard Dean

Recognize 2021 Teachers of the Year

  • Arlanza Elementary Cynthia Gonzalez Madrigal
  • Collett Elementary Nancy Loftus
  • Foothill Elementary Marcela Vasquez
  • La Granada Elementary Kristy Cordova
  • Lake Hills Elementary Candice Wynn
  • McAuliffe Elementary Dr. Sharon Bennett
  • Myra Linn Elementary Yesenia Ramirez
  • Orrenmaa Elementary Anton Kritzer
  • Promenade Elementary Kelly Gentis
  • Rosemary Kennedy Elementary Meghan Martinez
  • Stokoe Elementary Joanna Vasquez
  • Terrace Elementary Aimee Valentine
  • Twinhill Elementary Rachael Bales
  • Valley View Elementary Sandra Aguilar
  • Arizona Middle Johanna Newman
  • Loma Vista Middle Bethany Rivera
  • Villegas Middle Carrie Fowler
  • Wells Middle Lydia Song
  • Alternative Ed. High Mark Recktenwald
  • Alvord High Dirk Schultz
  • Hillcrest High Stephen Mason
  • La Sierra High John Bussman
  • Norte Vista High Kerry Geyer-Villanueva

Recognize 2020 Site Support Employees of the Year

  • Arlanza Elementary Kristen Barba Speech Therapist
  • Collett Elementary SylvieVirgen Resource Specialist
  • Foothill Elementary Christina Moreno Instructional Coach
  • La Granada Elementary Sandra Ruiz Counselor
  • Lake Hills Elementary Laurel Flores Speech Therapist
  • McAuliffe Elementary Hilary Ness Speech Therapist
  • Myra Linn Elementary Shelley Mellenine Literacy Teacher
  • Promenade Elementary Soha Sjostrom Resource Specialist
  • Rosemary Kennedy Elem. Karen Wang Instructional Coach
  • Stokoe Elementary Cecilia Vu-Nguyen Resource Specialist
  • Terrace Elementary Carla Calderon Instructional Coach
  • Twinhill Elementary Shelley Mellentine Literacy Teacher
  • Valley View Elementary Pete Gennaro Resource Specialist
  • Arizona Middle Ujima Thompson OCI Teacher
  • Loma Vista Middle Andrea Coons Instructional Coach
  • Villegas Middle Linda Stager Psychologist
  • Wells Middle Arturo Ramirez OCI Teacher
  • Alt. Ed. High Patricia Ike Psychologist
  • Hillcrest High Amy Waldman Librarian
  • La Sierra High Sarah Huber Instructional Coach
  • Norte Vista High Shawn Marshall IB Coordinator

Recognize 2020 School Counselors of the Year

  • Elementary School Counselor Kristine Galvan
  • Middle School Counselor Erika Zamora
  • High School Counselor Pam Prescott

Recognize 2020 Site Classified Employees of the Year

  • Arlanza Elementary Lorena Lopez, Community Worker
  • Collett Elementary Juan Cruz Sanchez Head Custodian I
  • Foothill Elementary Natalia Vazquez Bilingual Clerk Typist I
  • La Granada Elementary Imelda Lemon Secretary
  • Lake Hills Elementary Alejandro Salinas Head Custodian I
  • McAuliffe Elementary Tracye Woolery Head Custodian I
  • Myra Linn Elementary Maria Vargas Secretary
  • Promenade Elementary Lilivet Espinoza Preschool Special Ed. Asst.
  • Rosemary Kennedy Elem. Roger Garcia Head Custodian I
  • Stokoe Elementary Charlene Muro Library Asst. I
  • Terrace Elementary Jessica Gutierrez Clerk Typist I
  • Twinhill Elementary Grace Ledesma Secretary
  • Valley View Elementary Amelia Torres Secretary
  • Arizona Middle Rey Felix Head Custodian II
  • Loma Vista Middle Tammy McGregor Secretary
  • Villegas Middle Susan Dalton Special Ed. Asst. I
  • Wells Middle Antonio M. Fernandez Head Custodian II
  • Alvord High Jeannie Huerta Campus Supervisor II
  • Alternative Ed. Tammy Newman Registrar
  • Hillcrest High Jessica Martinez Secretary II
  • La Sierra High Francine Murillo Account Clerk
  • Norte Vista High Iileen Garcia Registrar

2020 District Employee of the Year Recognitions

2020 Certificated Administrator of the Year
Emily Devor, Ed.D.Director III; Elementary (Pre-K – 5)

2020 Classified Administrator of the Year
Eric Holliday, Director I; Child Nutrition Services

2020 Confidential Employee of the Year
Anabel Nuñez, Executive Assistant to Superintendent; Superintendent’s Office

2020 School Counselor of the Year
Kristine Galvan, Elementary School Counselor; Collett Elementary School

2020 Site Support Employee of the Year
Karen Wang, Instructional Coach (Elementary); Rosemary Kennedy Elementary School

2020 Classified Employee of the Year
Charlene Muro, School Library Assistant; Stokoe Elementary School

Presentation – Local Control Accountability Plan

Emily M. Devor, Ed.D., Director III, Elementary Education, provided an update presentation and overview of the 2021-2024 Local Control Accountability Plan.

CONSENT AGENDA: Items: 10 through 10.e.1.

All Consent items were routine and approved.

10.a.1. Adopt Minutes - 5/4/21

10.a.2. Adopt Minutes - 5/6/21

10.b. Administrative Services

10.b.1. Ratify Agreement-New Dimension General Construction-Promenade Elementary

10.b.2. Ratify Agreement - ServPro – Loma Vista Middle School

10.b.3. Renew Agreement – AirSlate, Inc. (formerly SignNow & PDF Fillers) - District-Wide

10.b.4. Renew Maintenance Service Agreement-Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. – District-Wide

10.b.5. Approve Agreement - Athletic Field Specialists, Inc. – Various Sites

10.b.6. Approve Agreement - California School Inspections, LLC - District-Wide

10.b.7. Approve Agreement – Gilmore’s Backflow Testing and Services – District-Wide

10.b.8. Approve Agreement – Gilmore Landscape – District-Wide

10.b.9. Approve Agreement – Samba Holdings, Inc. - District-Wide

10.b.10. Approve Agreement – Tom’s American Fire Safety – District-Wide

10.b.11. Approve Agreement – White House Sanitation – Various Sites

10.b.12. Approve Change Order – New Dimension General Construction-Foothill Elementary

10.c. Business Services

10.c.1. Accept Gifts & Donations – April 1, 2021 - April 30, 2021

10.c.2. Ratify Purchase Order List Number 16 - 2020-2021

10.c.3. Amend Contract – Refrigeration Control Company, Inc.-Child Nutrition Services -Various Sites

10.c.4. Amend Contract – Tempro Refrigeration, Inc. – Child Nutrition Services – Various Sites

10.c.5. Approve Agreement - Bay Actuarial Consultants

10.c.6. Approve Agreement - Total Compensation Systems, Inc. Certificated Self-Insurance Programs

10.c.7. Approve Agreement - Total Compensation Systems, Inc. GASB 74/75 Actuarial Services

10.c.8. Approve Warrant Listing for the month of April 2021

10.c.9. Report of Receipts for April 2021

10.d. Educational Services

10.d.1. Ratify Professional Services Agreement – Goodwill Industries of Orange County, Inc. DBA Assistive Technology Exchange Center

10.d.2. Amend Contract C3012951, RCOE Center for Teaching Innovation Induction Program IN50009

10.d.3. Amend Contract for Professional Services – Clover Enterprises, Inc., for Athletic Trainers, 2020-2021

10.d.4. Amend Professional Services Agreement – Creative Outdoor Advertising, Norte Vista High School

10.d.5. Approve New Courses – 2021-2022 School Year

10.d.6. Approve Agreement for Professional Services – Clover Enterprises, Inc., for Athletic Trainers 2021-2022

10.d.7. Approve Agreement - Aeries Software, Inc., Aeries Communications (ParentSquare)

10.d.8. Approve Agreement - AKINS IT, Mimecast - Targeted Threat Protection

10.d.9. Approve Agreement - Presidio Networked Solutions Group LLC - Block of 40 Hours

10.d.10. Approve Member Subscription Renewal Agreement-Parchment, eTranscript Platform, Amendment #5

10.d.11. Approve Subscription Renewal – Cengage Learning

10.d.12. Approve School Portraiture Contract – Studio 1 Distinctive Portraiture, Various Sites

10.e. Human Resources

10.e.1. Approve Student Teacher Internship Agreement - Riverside Community College


11.d.3. PUBLIC HEARING CONDUCTED – Public Disclosure of the Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding – Return to Work MOU between Alvord Unified School District and California School Employees Association and its Chapter 339

11.d.4. Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Alvord Unified School District and California School Employees Association and its Chapter 339 – Return to Work MOU-APPROVED


11.c.2. Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant Plan 2021-2022 (AB 86)

11.d.1. Personnel Order No. 16-2020-2021


11.b.1. Resolution No. 53 - 2020-21 Year End Budget Adjustments

11.c.1. Resolution No. 54 - LGBTQ+ Pride Month

11.d.2. Resolution No. 55 – Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators

The Regular Board meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.

All of the information in this brief is public information and can be shared as you feel necessary.