Ptolemy was a Egyptian writer of Alexandria, know as a mathamatician, astrologer, geographer, astronomer. His name Claudius Ptolemy, is a combination of the Greek Egyptian 'Ptolemy' and the Roman 'Claudius'.

Very little is known of Ptolemy's life. He was born about 85 in Egypt and died about 165 in Alexandria.

His first astronomical observations was from Alexandria in Egypt during the years AD 127-41 and it is recorded that his last observation was around February 141.

Its belived that Ptolemy did not have the access to the best teachers a majority of his knowledge came from libraries where he would find the reference material of which he is know for.

Ptolemy examined the theory of the sun, theory of the moon. Having given a theory for the motion of the sun and of the moon, Ptolemy was in a position to use the information found to obtain a theory of eclipses.

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