Jason Giesbrecht


In this website i will explain how photosynthesis works and what elements you will need to make photosynthesis work

How does Photosynthesis work

Photosynthesis can happen in plants because they have chlorophyll. Chlorophyll captures the Suns energy and uses it to make sugars out of carbon dioxide from the air and water. The sugars fuel a plants roots, stems, and leaves so the plant can grow

The 3 parts of photosynthesis

Part 1- Light absorption-Matter can capture electromagnetic radiation and convert the energy of a photon to internal energy. This process is called absorption. Energy is transferred from radiation field to the absorbing species.

Part 2-ETC-is a series of compounds that transfer electrons from electron donors to electron acceptors via redox reactions, and couples this electron transfer with the transfer of protons across a membrane

Part 3- Calvin Cycle-is the s4et of chemical reactions that take place in chloroplasts during photosynthesis. The cycle is light-independent because it takes place after energy has been captured from sunlight.