History of Kobe Bryant(Black Mamba)

By: Terrance (Tj) Jenkins (Burd)

does kobe bryant’s family have a history of being ballers

Kobe had a father who played for a lot of teams but his most famous one is the 76er’s with Dr. J he played as a forward.
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why is kobe called the Black Mamba

Kobe nicknamed himself “The Black Mamba” because he say’s that "The Mamba can strike with 99 percent accuracy at maximum speed in rapid succession. that’s the kind of basketball precision i want to have”.
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where did he go to high school

Lower Merion High School located in Ardmore Philadelphia which is in suburb of Lower Merion.very fast kobe was recognized nationally as a freshman kobe played varsity.
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did kobe learn from MJ

Since Kobe is the type of player anxious to improve he learned a lot from magic and jordan.
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when did kobe become the skilled shooter he is today

We see that Kobe really shined in his 05-06 season he had 180 3pt made out of 518 attempts he also had 798 2pt made out of 1655 attempts this is kobe’s best shooter year sadly it dropped down over the years in his 13-14 year kobe shot 16 3pt and made 3, and he took 57 2pt and made 28 this is due to his tore ACL and sadly never really recovered.
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In a nutshell kobe is going to go down in history as one of the best players in the NBA even close to passing MJ maybe sadly this might be the last year we see kobe on the court driving through a whole team to score a buzzer beat for the win because he had an injury that made him never fully recover and plus he is 37 even if this year is one of his worse we will always remember him as a grade A SG that can hit shots and drive through teams and hopefully kobe can give D’angelo russell what he has learned from MJ to him and give the Lakers as many or more championships kobe has given them.