Freedom Fighter

Mandela Childhood

Rolihlahla Mandela was born at Mvezo in the transkei in 1918. His mother's name was Nonqaphi Nosekeni and his father was Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Gadla Mandela, He was the principal counselor to the king of the thembu tribe, Jongintaba Dalindyebo. In 1930 his father died and he was at the age of 12 at the time so I imagine the death to be a very tragic one because Nelson hadn't seen his father for that long. When his Dad died he became a ward of Jongintaba in Mqhekezweni. When he heard his ancestors stories of the war of resistance he decided he wanted to take action and try and help get the freedom of his people.


When Nelson heard his ancestors struggles in the war of resistance to whites mistreating the blacks he wanted to do everything in his power to stop this and even though it took away a lot from his life he still did it. Mandela formed the ANC an organization to not free the blacks but to let black and white people mix and not be separated from each other the way he did this was by doing protests mostly non-violent ones but sometimes they were forced to take the violent approach because the peaceful protests were not getting the message to the Government. The violent protests included punching, stabbing, shooting even though they included these methods mandela was punished for this but it was for a cause. Im not saying it's ok to be violent but he learn't his lesson because he suffered 27 years in prison in a very compact room.


In 1990 Mandela and everyone who was arrested with mandela was released and Apartheid was being slowly but surely removed and there was a rule that anyone can run for president. So mandela ran for president and he won by a mile but it took 5 years to work out that Mandela can be the president because they needed it to be more democratic because if not the people would not be voting just the government. Then it would be the same as before another white president who is not against apartheid and is biased to white people.


Mandela was a victim of discrimination before the 90's due to the government not thinking blacks are the same as them. Mandela hates discrimination of anything because to discriminate someone or something is to be very hateful. Imagine being in any black person when mandela was young it would be horrible having to go to a different area to the white people, it is like saying you are an alien and you are not welcome to where we live and you are not allowed to be with us. That is how the blacks were treated like back then and it was horrendous they got spat on if any whites were around, beaten up basically if you even talk to a white person , you are treated horribly and moved somewhere else. I am british and I am not proud of that era of people and they are a disgrace to all humanity and should of never gone to south africa and invaded their land.


When the whites came to south africa they severely segregated the people of South Africa and all of the blacks had to pay by being alienated and forced to live in a poor area where they can't be successful and have to live there lives in misery that they will always be below the whites. Imagine if it flipped and the blacks were in power and ruined the white peoples lives it doesn't matter if you are black or white if you are being segregated that means at least one side loses power and is granted useless well that is why Mandela and the ANC used the violent actions because they were so sick of the thought that they are not allowed to mix with anyone other than black people and can't even use the same transport.

Robben Island

Robben island was the prison that Mandela and many other people were sent before apartheid has been mostly removed. The bad thing about this prison is that they treated black people very bad .The prison was established in 1961 and was closed 1961 which was very close to when Mandela was let out of the prison. In this prison the guard dogs were ranked and they were very vicious and if they attacked you and you fought back and hurt the dog you would get severely beaten. You also had to dig in a coal mine which usually made everyone get sick and turned them into a coal dust all over you which is very poisonous. Robben island is up there with one of the most horrible terrifying prisons.
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