We need to take care of each other and the world!

A world with peace

The world with peace would be a place where you're happy to go outside because your not worried that someone will not accept you. That you could travel wherever you want without being stopped.

We as children can also take care of the planet

Taking care of planet

Children all around the world are also taking care of our community by picking up trash, planting new trees etc.

We can help old people cross the road, we can say "Hi" or smile to strangers, we can try to have less fighting and more friendship,


1)We should all be able to travel wherever we want without anyone stopping us!

2)We shoud all be treated fairly not by our gender, age, or nation!

3) Treat others the way you want to be treated!

4) No one should take away you're property without asking!

5)We should all be defended no matter what!


Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist that had a BIG hate to the US

When you have a conflict with someone or with something you shouldn't resolve it with force you should always resolve it the nice way by talking not by threatning.

United Nations

We learned that the UN is a program for the wlorld peace. Is also a community of people help other people no mater what race, age, or gender.


Peace can lead to no wars and no fighting, after some years we would learn to be pacient and respectful to everyone. Without peace our world would probably have no humans in it.


No one should never but never stop you from doing something. You should always have the right to do the things you want, be treated right, have protection no matter how you are, be treated fairly, and have a happy life without fights.

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