The Juvenile justice system

Main Idea And Important Word

In 1999 approximately one in six arrest involved a juvenile, the American juvenile justice system is designed to deal with youths who beak the law.

Juvenile- a child or young person who can be tried and charged as an adult

Main Idea

Each state has its own juvenile justice system with its own laws and practices. In most states, juvenile court has authority over all people under the age of 18 who are charged with breaking the laws.

Delinquent-having failed to do what the law requires, according to a judicial ruling.

Important Words

Juvenile courts give the defendant a delinquent hearing instead of a trial.

restution- act of making up in some way for the harm caused by the accused person.

Main Idea

When a youth is arrested for a crime, the police have the authority to decide what to offender to his or her parents or they may hold the offender in detention or juvenile hall.

Rehabilitate- restore to a useful life, usually through treatment and education.