Olive Boone

who was

On January 13, 1783 Olive Van Bibber was born. As a kid she had 9 siblings. Frontier woman and children worked very hard and one of them was Olive. Olive Van Bibber became Olive Boone. She married Nathan Boone son of a famous frontiersman Daniel Boone. Her husband Nathan was in the army. Olive had 14 kids. Wow! In Daniel's words she was his caregiver. Olive had 6 kids when Daniel died. After he died she had her other 8 kids. Later she sadly died at 75 years old in 1858.

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What did she do

Olives job was a never ending job of taking care of 14 kids,cooking,and all frontier woman work. Now Olive was important,because she was amazing. She was related to two famous men,Nathan Boone and Daniel Boone two famous explorers. Olive showed that women of a pioneer family were just as important as the men.

Impact on the world…

Olives helped her kids a lot. All 14 kids would not have survived without her in their life. Olive showed that woman worked just as hard as men even if they had different jobs. I mean she raised 14 kids 95% of the time on her own.

Should we try to be like them…

Yes I think that we should follow in her footsteps because she was caring,kind,loving,brave,strong,and courageous. All at once and all the time. Olive was a extremely strong woman and she never gave up.