February Student Services Newsletter

Testing Information

Spring time is testing time and over the next few months students will participate in a variety of state-mandated assessments depending on their grade level and their course enrollments. Parents will receive notification in the mail of their student's testing obligations approximately one month prior to testing. During this busy time, it is important that students take advantage of banking as a means to keep up with course progress and to prepare for the state-mandated assessments! Please review the calendar below.


  • ELDA Testing--2/24-2/28


  • GEE -- 3/10-3/14
  • EXPLORE (8th and 9th grade) -- 3/10
  • PLAN (10th grade) -- 3/11
  • ACT (11th grade) -- 3/18
  • LEAP (8th grade) -- 3/18 (Phase 1 testing)


  • LEAP (8th grade) -- 4/7-4/10 (Phase 2 testing)
  • LAA2 (8th, 10th, 11th grades) -- 4/7-4/11


  • EOC Testing (Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, US History, English II, English III) -- 5/13-5/23

Extended Banking Opportunities

Starting February 3rd, JCFA-East began offering an Extended Banking option to students. Students may now earn two banked periods a day Mondays-Thursdays:

  • Regular Banking from 1:00pm - 2:14pm
  • Extended Banking from 2:15pm - 3:30pm

Remember that JCFA-East requires a 90% attendance rate of all students. If your student is below that rate or had negative hours as of the last progress report, he/she should plan to bank until in the positive. We generally recommend that students maintain 15 hours of banking.

Student Scientist of the Month

Brandon B.

Brandon is an American scientist, philosopher and mastermind. He is often referred to as "the father of JCFA science" for his contributions to the culture of all science classes at JCFA-East. He was a pioneer in leading "science Friday", teaching fellow scientists the importance of the center of gravity. His hard work and dedication have provided his colleagues with a model for establishing a strong foundation in the sciences.

Around Campus

Upcoming Events/Important Dates

  • 2/20 -- TABE Reward Field Trip (to the Aquarium)
  • 2/24-2/27 -- ELDA Testing
  • 3/3-3/5 -- Mardi Gras Holiday (campus closed)
  • 3/14 -- Progress Reports