the travels of Marco Polo

By Dylan Pettegrew

The merchant and traveler Marco Polo was born September 15, 1254 in Venice Italy.Marcos father and uncle were gone when he was born they were in Asia.His mother raised him but she died when he was still pretty young. his father came back when marco was seventien and thats when he begain his travle when he met emperor kublai khan he loved marco and put him to work alot.

seen more than he told

Marco Polo video

the video o Marco Polo

Marco Polos achievements

Marco his father and his uncle traveled all around and sold stuff but their main selling grounds were china. They were also in the war of Genoa and were a big part of it he got captured and sent to jail when he got there he met a man by the name of rustichello. Marco told rustichello all of his story and rustichello wrote them down in a book when they book came out it was very big lots of people believed it lots of people didnt. His travels are recorded in livres des merveilles du monde a book that Marco wrote that did much to introduce Europeans to Asia and China. HE seen loots of animals he mistaken for mythical creatures. marco was the first European to describe the technologies he found in china. He died January 1324 before he died he swore he