The Southeastern Indian Tribes

Native American Tribes in Texas

The Apache

The Apache moved around sometimes. They stayed in one spot and farmed for a while, and then they become nomadic and hunt for a while. Before horses, the Apache hunted on foot. They chased herds of buffalo to cliffs where the ones in front would try to stop, but the ones in back would run into them and then they fell off. Men at the bottom would then kill the hurt buffalo. The Apache is Zuni for enemy. The Spanish tried to help the Apaches, even though they were warlike. The Apache came from Canada and moved down. They survived on buffalos. The Apache battled with the Spaniards sometimes.
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The Comanche

There is a comanche myth that the deer were stealing their people to eat. The medicine man and woman went to the cave with some other men. They talked to the guard deer and, with a simple tap, he could make anything come out of the cave, like buffalo. The medicine men/women were still suspicious. They tapped on the cave and asked for men. Men came pouring out with bows and arrows and stuff. Then the medicine man said that the deer would be eaten by people, not the other way around. The Comanche would steal stuff from other tribes like food, and horses, and even children. They stole so that they could sell the stuff they stole back to the people. This was their method of making money. There used to be 20,000 Comanches, but now there's 10,000. The Comanche refer to themselves as, Numunuh, which means, "The people." In 1700, the Comanche Indians were a seprate group in from the Shosone people. The Comanche never formed a cohesive group. They remained a dozen different groups, which made it just as likely for them to fight amongst themselves as to help each other. The Comanches were fierce warriors, and contrrolled large areas of land at one time. Comanches had councils, which had a leader called the peace chief. In war times, they would take a brave fighter and make him the war chief.
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The Kiowas

The Kiowas organized themselves by age, so people of different age had different groups. Elk teeth and skin were believed to be love magic. Women wearing elk skin and teeth were irresistible to men. It's not clear where the Kiowa live. They either came from the north, or they came from New Mexico, since they speak Tanoan. There is a sacred cliff thing called Bear Butte. The Kiowas believe that it came from when a boy and girl were chased by this giant bear. They climbed to the top of Bear Butte to escape. The bear clawed at the cliff trying to get at them. That's what the claw marks are on the side of the cliff. The Kiowas used dogs to pull and carry things before horses. So, when horses were brought over, they thought that they were sacred giant dogs from the gods. Like the Comanche and Apache, the Kiowa lived on buffalos. They were nomadic and moved around with the buffalo. The Kiowa lived in the top of the panhandle. The Kiowa shared land with the Comanches. They moved around in their land a lot.
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Bear Butte

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So, basically, all the southeastern Indians were agressive. They attacked unwanted people on their territory. They were nomadic and followed the buffalo. These Indians all had similar characteristics, but each one had different legends, stories, clothes, and fighting style. That's why I like these Indians.