Central Asia


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a human perspective

this area is what provides adventures with inspiration and had many dangers agents of the mighty British empire found that they where not safe there in 1842 2 British officers where captured in the central asian city of Bukhoro and throw the 2 men in a underground bug pit swormed with ticks,rats, and scaly vermin and then made them dig there own graves and then beheaded them.
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historical crossroads

the silk road was a major trading rought it was 4000 miles and was used a lot at 100bc from China to Mediterranean sea and the reason it is called the silk road is because of the expensive silk and other items that where sold are gold, silver, ivory, jade, wine, spices, amber, linen, porcelain, grapes, perfumes, and even ostriches.
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there is an uncertain Economic future

because of nuclear testing and the petroleum deposits only thing bringing in money and the nuclear testing could potentially provide energy instead of petroleum and then they could provide for there own

The Survival of Tradition

Nomadic Heritage: the exstisive grass lands in central Asia are ideal for nomadic peoples.Nomads have no permanent home. As the seasons change they move from place to place with there animals in search of food ,water,grazing land.