Did communism work?

things you will be learning about is Mao Zedong

Cultural revolution

Mao brought a change in to china through communism.he also used his powerful government to change China's culture. cultural revolution was to renew the spirt of Chinese communist revolution.he didn't want people to focus on Chinese cultural in the past.he didn't want anybody focusing on anything that china had from democratic. He just wanted people to celebrate communist government. Religion and self expression through art was banned. and also outlaws and those who mocked the government were punished or killed.mao Zedongs wife controlled Chinese culture and society.and art works to be about Mao Zedong and about communist values.people were often censored while propaganda & brainwashing were used on people.Mao also recruited high school students to form red guards who were given power to enforce the policies of the cultural revolution.

Tank man

Tank man is a man who was fighting against communism. When the tanks were coming he got in front of it, and didn't let it pass. He got on top of one of the tanks and started banging on it with buckets.he didn't agree that communism was good he thought a was a bad thing.

Korean War

Did containment of communism work ?

Honestly I think it didn't work. I think it doesn't work because it still speared around the world.