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Madden 16

Madden 16 is my favorite game to play. You get to play against your friends and try to beat them. You can even play against other players online. In ultimate team, you try to make your team better and better. You press the buttons a,b,x, and y to pass the ball. You move the analog stick to run the ball.

Fast Five

Do you like cool cars? Fast Five is is an action packed movie where they go to Rio and try to take down a Brazilian drug lord. They hear about a car that Hernan Reyes wants to steal, so they steal it to find out the importance of it. They tear the car apart looking for something. They find a chip that shows the location of 100 million US dollars. There is an agent Hobbs who is trying to track them down and arrest them too. Will they find the vault or get caught by the police?

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson Basketball Player

In this story, I will tell you all about Magic Johnson and his basketball career and life.

Magic Earvin Johnson was an amazingly talented basketball player for the Lakers. He played point guard and was six foot nine inches. Magic grew up with nine brothers and sisters. He went to college at Michigan State University. Then he got drafted by the Lakers and won five championships with them. He was the NBA MVP three times during his career. On November 2,1991, Magic announced that he had HIV and that he was retiring from the Lakers. He was the NBA leader in assists per game. He has survived HIV for about 24 years now. He owns his own business called Magic Johnson Enterprises.

In conclusion, Magic Johnson was one of the most talented basketball players of all time.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Old MacDonald bought a chick and a cow for his farm. He says that the cow goes moo, moo. He also says that the chicks go cluck, cluck. Old MacDonald said that one of the chicks died while he was taking care of it, because it didn't get enough food to eat. Old MacDonald says he might sell some of the animals he has on his farm, because he is running out of room on his farm.
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