PFES - Board Report

January 19, 2021

Monthly Safety Drill: Armed Intruder/Lockdown

Date: 1/22/2021

Subject: School Safety Monthly Report to School Board

The Park Falls Elementary School conducted a tabletop drill to validate the current emergency plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for a FIRE scenario on Friday, January 22, 2021 at 8:05 AM with all students and staff. The discussion focused on the exit options in the event the normal fire exit route was blocked.

January Activities and Accomplishments

  • The number of virtual students in the PFES decreased 10 students to 24 this past month.
  • "Graduated" three 4K'ers from my daily "check-ins" because of improved behavior.
  • Completed 12 teacher observations. Each observation is approximately 30 minutes in class and a 20 minute post observation conference.
  • Continued work with Kacey on migrating district Response to Intervention programming to Infinite Campus.
  • Worked with Eric Kanters from the Math Institute of Wisconsin to plan the March professional development day topics and schedules. The focus will be on Mathematical Instructional Routines.
  • On Monday, January 18, Park Falls Elementary grade level Professional Learning Community leaders met with Arcadia teachers to discuss our experience implementing and teaching our English Language Arts curriculum EL. EL stands for Expeditionary Learning! They represented Chequamegon with pride and professionalism. Thank you Becky, Alice, Linda, Nicole, Kelly, Niki!
  • We are planning a COVID safe Valentines activity for February 12.
  • The School Assessment Coordinators, Kelly P, Sarah G, and Daren P, are planning the spring assessments for this year. Jess F is working on the alternative assessment issues and English Language Learner supports. I have been spending considerable time working with the new websites related to running the spring State assessments. (Forward, Aspire, and ACT.)

Learning Targets for third grade students on Tuesday, January 19 in English Language Arts Class

  • I can write a clear focus statement that explains the main idea of my essay. (w.3.2a)
  • I can plan an introduction using my research notes that give the reader important information to understand the piece. (w.3.2a, w.3.4, w3.5, w3.7, w3.8)
Big picture

Introducing Callie Boettcher!

Callie is a 2012 graduate of Chequamegon and will be a 2021 graduate of University of Wisconsin - Superior with a elementary education degree. We are glad to welcome her to Park Falls Elementary to finish her last leg of her education journey as a student teacher with Mrs. Amy Weinberger this semester.