Advertising: A Career

Advertising: A Career with a Difference

Not long ago, a degree in Mass Communication was considered as the eligibility criteria only for journalism. But, thanks to the phenomenal explosion in communication technology and media, which has opened many doors for a Mass Communication graduate. Now Mass Communication is not limited only to journalism, instead it offers a wide array of opportunities. One such lucrative employment option happens to be a career in advertising.
What Is Advertising?

Advertising is the art of encouraging, persuading or manipulating the audience or masses in any form. Audience can be viewers, readers or listeners, depending upon the media used. Although, it is a part of the marketing industry, the job is comparatively fascinating as it involves creative professionals like artists and writers. You need to possess a degree and a portfolio, but it’s your communication skills, creativity and unique ideas that will help you to grow in this industry.
Why Choose Advertising as A Career Option?

• Apart from good salary and growth prospects, advertising offers the opportunity to meet new people including clients and customers. If you are lucky, you can also get to see the legends of advertising.
• As it is the creativity which matters the most, it is a very satisfying job for prospective candidates.
• Finally, a person gets paid for what he or she can do the best, i.e. thinking out-of-the box

Scope of Advertising

Advertising is like a nutshell which provides various employment options. A person can be a part of various departments such as client servicing, studio, films or production. In order to get into the field of their choice, a person can start with internship or on-the-job training.
Advertising is important in every sector, which is why there are opportunities in the field across the nation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional you can easily search for a good opportunity in the field via online job portals.

Advertising Jobs in Pune

Since Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, it is a hot place for job seekers. But, Pune is fast emerging as a great alternative for candidate looking for good employment opportunity. Apart from being about 150kms away from Mumbai, the city is one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region. Hence, one can browse for Advertising Jobs in Delhi on job sites and pick the one that matches their professional achievements.

Bottom Line
Advertising industry will always have a good scope in India, which means a mass communication graduate can consider advertising as a career option and look for Advertising Jobs in Pune to fulfil their dream of becoming an advertising professional.