Baby Safari

October Newsletter

What we did during September

Wow it is already October, it seems like it was just the beginning of September. This last month we did a lot of fun things. We started the month off talking about going back to school. The kids had a fun time making hand print crayon boxes and foot print school buses. The next week we talked about apples and the kids loved playing in the paint to make apples. During our week about Rainforests, we read the book 5 little monkeys go shopping. Fall was a fun week with exploring gords for sensory. The last fun thing we did in September was outer space. The kids made the cutest footprint rockets for art this week. We also had tons of fun going on buggy rides and seeing all the trees and getting fresh air. Oh and we can't forget about crawling through the tunnel in the classroom. It was a fun month and we can't wait to see what October brings us.


  • Oct. 5-9: Fall on the farm
  • Oct. 12-16: Football
  • Oct. 19-23: Pumpkins
  • Oct. 26-30: Halloween

What we are going to do in October

During the Month of October we have a lot of fun things planned. WE are going to start the month off learning about Farms in the fall. The kids will love looking at all the pictures of the the animals on the farm. The next week we will focus on football and make little jerseys for each kid. How cute will those be! :) Pumpkins is the next thing that we will look into and the kids will love exploring the pumpkins! The last week of October we will have Halloween. We will have tons of fun making hand print bats. We can't wait to see what fun things the kids learn to do this month and watch them grow and learn!

Fun thing to do at home

A fun activity to do at home with your child is Tummy time finger painting.

Things you will need:

  1. A couple different colors of paint
  2. white piece of paper.
  3. zip lock baggie (big enough to fit your paper in it)
  4. tape

You do this by putting some drops of paint of any color on a piece of paper. After you have the paint on the paper, put the paper in a zip lock baggie and close it tightly. After the baggie is securely closed tape it to the floor on all sides, Then put your child on their tummy in front of it and let them paint.